Beautiful Handiwork


I am especially fond of the things that once belonged to someone in my family, our family treasures. My mom has been so generous to me by allowing me to enjoy some of these priceless heirlooms in my home. One of the things she has given to me is this afghan that my great grandmother had made for my grandma. I am so blessed to have it! All of the love and work that went into the making of it — it is truly beautiful!

This past summer when I stopped in at a thrift store, I was delighted to find another piece of beautiful handiwork. This afghan hadn’t been made by my great grandmother or any other family member; not even by anyone that I knew. But I was touched by the fact that it was probably someone’s grandma that had poured her love and time into making this pretty piece and here it was at the thrift store instead of being lovingly cared for and enjoyed. So I brought it home…to enjoy…to treasure.


We have so many opportunities to fill our homes with simple beauty. I want to make the most of it! Oh, the wonderful blessing of being a homemaker.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Handiwork

  1. Dear Christa,

    Thank you ~ I’m so happy I could bring it home to enjoy!

    That is wonderful that you are knitting an afghan ~ what a keepsake it will be for you!

    Thank you so much for visiting and for commenting!

    Blessings to you,


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