Happy Fall Days

fall-days-002.jpgLovely fall colors! ♥ God’s beautiful handiwork!

It was frosty out this morning! What a lovely time of year this is! Now the sun is shining brightly and it looks like it will be a beautiful fall day here in the Pacific Northwest! It is definitely time to bring out the cuddly blankets and afghans and time to make our homes nice and cozy. One of the things l like to do is to fill my home with sweet scents. Along with the delightful scent filling the rooms of our house, just the glow of the candle gives such a welcoming and cozy feel. I found this tart warmer at a little country shop nearby and I love it with the little church on it. Right now it is simmering with an autumn wreath scented tart in it!

love-one-another-002.jpg Oh how I love candles and small little lamps! ♥ It is such a simple and inexpensive way to bring a touch of loveliness to your home!

sweet-scents-001.jpgOn this table, along with my little electric candle, I have a candle burning with the fragrance of apple cinnamon. Yum, it smells delightful! Just perfect for a fall day!

Now all we need is some company to share the blessing of home!


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