Making everday memories

Last night was girl’s night! What a blessing it is to be a mom; the mom of one son and four daughters. Our son lives on his own and my husband was off to the men’s retreat yesterday so it was time for “just the girls”. I like to take advantage of special times like these. I want to create memories that we can look back on and say, “oh, remember when we did this!” When we take time to make something special out of a normal day, we have the opportunity to make “everyday memories”. Those are probably some of my favorite times. The last two years the men’s retreat at church has been the same weekend as our favorite Christmas bazaar so that is where we headed. We met my oldest daughter there, and then we spent time just browsing around and finding fun things. This bazaar is extremely popular with everyone scurrying around to find their treasures, and all of the proceeds go to missions!

bazaar-table-3-004.jpgThis little table is my treasure that I came home from the bazaar with! ♥  But my real treasures were the ones I was spending the evening with! ♥

After the bazaar we headed home for some pizza and salad and snacks while watching a Christmas movie together. Then we sat around talking, laughing and having fun! But at last the time came for my oldest daughter to return to her own home, and the rest of us slumbered off to bed. What fun, simple, memorable times. I am sure that when we look back, we will remember days like this; going to the bazaar, what movie we watched, what simple fun it was. I hope to always be learning how I can take the regular day and turn it into something just a little more.

Counting my blessings today ♥


One thought on “Making everday memories

  1. Sharon, I just wanted to tell you what a lovely blog I think you have. Your love of the Lord, your family, and home is evident in each word:o) Blessings, Susan P.

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