My sweetman, my hero

my-hero-004.jpgI am so thankful for the husband that the Lord has given me!

We live in the Pacific Northwest and it rains a lot here! I have lived here all my life and I really don’t mind the rain except for when you find that water appears to be coming in from somewhere and you don’t exactly know from where. My husband has been spending a lot of time up on the roof and in the attic lately. We joke that he must really like it up there in the attic, but really it has been quite a frustrating job to find that little spot where water might be able to get in. All it takes is a little nail head starting to poke through, and up until today, that little spot has been eluding him. This afternoon on his lunch break, he went a little farther up to the top of the roof and there he found one, a little nail starting to come up. This afternoon we had a major downpour and I was hopeful that his time spent up on the roof during lunch was successful. I wish there was more I could do to help him but mostly my help has been to keep the ladder steady so that he makes it safely up and down off of the roof. And I have been praying..praying that the Lord would give him the wisdom he needs and to lead him to just the right spot. After work today, back up in the attic he went…and yes, it does look hopeful!

My husband does so much to keep things running as smoothly as possible around here and I appreciate it so much. Thank you Lord for helping us today, and thank you for giving me such a special man to call my own. Thank you, honey, for who you are and for all you do for us!


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