It’s starting to look like Christmas at our house!

simple-christmas-joys-003.jpgSunday afternoon we ventured out to cut our Christmas tree down! It is all decorated now and is so pretty glowing with the lights and all of our ornaments so full of memories. ♥ What a joyous season!

mini-trees-006.jpgOne of my favorite decorations is this little Christmas tree. I found it when I was out shopping with my mom one of the first Christmases after Bill and I were married! It is a special treasure and so is he! ♥ The 3 carolers were a gift from my mom and look very 70’s but they are just too cute! I bought the house a couple of years ago as I love the village look and especially anything that lights up!

mini-trees-001.jpgThis is my daughter’s little tree, decorated with care ♥ The little girl and penguin figurine was a gift to me from my sweet husband many Christmases ago!

nativity-2-003.jpgAnd of course, my nativity, for it’s JESUS that we’re celebrating! Father, thank you for the precious gift of your son! ♥


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