My thrifty find

shelf-006.jpgI am so excited about my new shelf!

I saw this shelf a couple of weeks ago when we stopped in at the thrift store looking for something else. I showed it to my husband who was with me, and he didn’t mind if I bought it for $4.99, but I saw it had a pink tag and that it wouldn’t be too long before they were half off. I decided to wait and see if it would still be there on pink tag day! Well, today was the start of the sale for that color and it was still there! So I am the happy owner of this lovely little shelf for $2.50! You can’t always wait on things that you find at the thrift store as I have found out on other occasions, but today was a blessing!

I plan on using this new shelf, along with this other thrift store shelf, to store some of my sewing and card making supplies.


The goal I am working towards is to set up a work area in our den to make it easier for me to make handmade cards and do some sewing. I have saved up a lot of little jars that I think would be really cute filled with buttons and other little things to add to cards. It is so much fun gathering things for my work space using inexpensive thrift store finds!


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