Simple old-fashioned gift wrap

wrapping-004.jpgOld-fashioned brown paper wrap

I just love wrapping gifts!! It is one of my favorite things to do! Sometimes I wish I could just leave all of my presents unwrapped until Christmas Eve and then just savor each moment wrapping them all up. But I just can’t wait! When I was young, I thought one of the best jobs would be to work in a store like JCPenney in the gift wrapping department. How fun to just wrap gifts all day! I’m sure like anything else, the novelty would wear off and it wouldn’t be as much fun, but I sure enjoy doing it at home, especially at Christmas. I am trying to keep most of my gift wrapping simple and old-fashioned looking. I had a roll of brown paper left over from last year and I just bought some ribbon and raffia to use with that. I also found some cellophane for really inexpensive after Christmas last year and so some things are getting wrapped up in that! What fun it is!

We found a website listed in my daughter’s science book that had activities for kids and one of the things were these snowflakes that you could print and cut out. I thought they would look pretty on the brown paper too! She has had a lot of fun cutting them out! You can see the site here.


Abbie had a small present to wrap that needed a little box and we didn’t have anything that would work so I decided to have her make a box for her craft time today. We disassembled a little box we had with to/from stickers in it and she traced around it on cardstock and made lines for the folds and then cut it out and we put it together. It turned out so cute and we didn’t have to buy a thing! A little gift card to match and some ribbon, raffia and stickers make it look so sweet. Just perfect for gift giving! ♥



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