Handmade gifts and treats

homemade-gifts-007.jpgMy oldest daughter was quite busy during the Christmas season making at least one homemade gift for everyone. Everyone loved these gifts! This is a picture of the things that she made me! There is a stitched picture, a set of coasters in a wooden box and this adorable candle pad made out of felt, and she included a lovely scented candle to go along with it. Very sweet treasures! I love handmade Christmas gifts

homemade-gifts-014.jpgThese are little handmade journals that she made for her sister. Too sweet!These little journals were perfect to go along with the old fashioned school desk that Annaleah and Seth had bought for her when we were on an outing back in the summer and had hidden away in the garage. She was totally surprised and delighted and was ready to get back to school!

more-homemade-treats-004.jpgI found the idea for these cookie cutters filled with candies or nuts in “Simply Handmade, 365 easy gifts & decorations you can make”. I made some for stocking stuffers and also used some as package decorations.

homemade-gifts-009.jpgMy youngest daughter and I worked together to make some of her Christmas gifts. This recipe for peanut butter cups came from “Homespun Gifts From The Heart” by Karen Ehman, Kelly Hovermale & Trish Smith. What a fun and delicious recipe this was! She gave these as gifts to Dad, her brother and her brother-in-law. And of course, we had to make a little extra for the rest of us! They are so good!


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