It has been a productive day

My kitchen floor is shiny clean, my errands were accomplished, the laundry is almost finished up, and cards are being made. It is good!



A fire has been started in the fireplace and we will be settling in tonight to watch a movie together. Our daughter-in-law to be gave my husband a gift subscription to Netflix for Christmas and our first movie arrived today!

Just a simple, lovely and productive Saturday!


2 thoughts on “It has been a productive day

  1. The cards are lovely! Good job on all your hard work, although I find it’s usually enjoyable once I get going.
    We just joined Netflix too, mostly because we love British television series and can’t get them at our local video store or from the library. We just returned our first one and they’ve already sent the second. It seems to be a pretty efficient service.

  2. Hi Niki,

    Yes, Netflix does seem to be efficient. We have been able to get a number of BBC movies from the library here which has been nice but you sometimes do have to wait. This was really nice having a movie come so quickly in the mail!



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