The blessing of hymns

hymns-010.jpgThe hymnbook is becoming one of my most favorite books! We were given this one with some old books many years ago, and up until recently, it mostly got used at Christmas time to sing carols. I picked up another one at a library book sale for $1 and Abigail and I are using them quite regularly now. I love the rich truths and encouraging words of the hymns. I love learning more about the people who wrote them. One of the books on my reading list for this year is Great Christian Hymn Writers by Jane Stuart Smith and Betty Carlson. It is encouraging and interesting to learn the stories behind some of these hymn writers.

hymns-004.jpgI found this hymnal holder last summer when Annaleah and Seth took me on a day trip for my Mother’s Day gift. We went to one of my very favorite small towns! It apparently is the holder off of an old pew. It now holds a couple of old books and one of our hymnals.

My sweet husband blessed me with this CD for Christmas and I have been enjoying it! It is a little different style for me but I find it uplifting music to listen to during the day! I saw this quote by Francis Schaeffer in the above book that I am reading and I wholeheartedly agree! He said, “A wonderful companion to the Bible is a good hymnbook.” I am loving my hymnbook–now if only I could keep a tune!


2 thoughts on “The blessing of hymns

  1. Are you familiar with a Psalter? We attended a church for several years that sang the Psalms. I think you’d love them.

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