A busy day

We spent last evening helping our son pack up some things and then take them over to his new apartment. It is amazing how much stuff one young man can acquire in not quite 2 years of living on his own! We will be going back there again this afternoon, helping out as we can. If there is one thing that puts me in the mood for decluttering and trimming down, it is just thinking about the moving process! I think more cleaning out and decluttering is going to be on my agenda again for tomorrow! It is a good and freeing thing to do. “Stuff” can and will overtake and consume us!

Our daughter, Stephanie, is arriving home tonight from her mission trip to Belize. It will be exciting to hear about the many things that she has done and seen. I am sure that she will have been blessed by this opportunity to go and serve.

This morning I made up a batch of one of our favorite popcorn treats. Hopefully we can squeeze in some time tonight and enjoy this along with a movie!

teatime-009.jpg teatime-008.jpg

teatime-013.jpgPeanut Butter Popcorn

May you all have a blessed weekend!


2 thoughts on “A busy day

  1. Oh that popcorn looks good! How wonderful to have your daughter coming home. I know about moving kids, Nessa and Cory moved 3 times in one year….each time a better apartment for less $, but I think they’re settled now!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Hi Niki,

    Oh my, this has been a much bigger job than expected moving our son! And next week our daughter and son-in-law are moving from a university apartment to a regular apartment now that Seth has graduated. With 3 moves in one year for your daughter and son-in-law, I’m sure you understand!

    Blessings on your day,


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