Packing, moving and a mission trip

It was a busy, busy time trying to help our son get moved to his new apartment! We have worked and worked and worked some more! In the midst of all this, our daughter returned home from her mission trip, but we really have only got bits and pieces of her story with us being out of the house and trying to help Nathan. She did share briefly at church yesterday, and as we expected it would, it has moved her heart towards some type of mission work. She is very much a people person with a compassionate heart.

vase-from-belize-004.jpgThis is the little vase she purchased on an island they visited and brought back to me–it’s lovely!

belize-2.pngStephanie painting

the church

belize.png The Mayan Ruins

The decluttering I had planned to do on Saturday of course didn’t happen, but I am even more inspired to make that a priority! With today being a holiday, we have no homeschooling to do, so it is a wonderful opportunity to take some extra time to simplify and rearrange. It will be a pleasant task to regain some order (except, of course, for all of the things of Nathan’s now gracing my living room that still need to be taken to his new apartment!). This is just for a time, so they will just have to be worked around and overlooked for today!

It is a beautiful sunny day here today and a lovely day to work at home. May you all have a blessed day as well!


2 thoughts on “Packing, moving and a mission trip

  1. The pics are so interesting esp. the Mayan ruins. Hope the declutter goes smoothly, be ruthless with getting rid of stuff, that’s my policy anyway 🙂

  2. Hi Niki,

    I did get quite a bit accomplished yesterday; my husband took the things I had cleared out to the thrift store and it felt so good. I’m trying to be ruthless! 🙂



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