Keeping at the pleasant tasks of homemaking

rearranging-006.jpgThe sun is making its way to grace our day with warmth and light. What a blessing that is! We have a lot of dreary gray days here in the winter time and so these sunny days are so welcome and bring me so much inspiration!

It is really just a day of keeping at my everyday tasks and homemaking today. Rearranging and organizing and trimming down has been so good. It is causing me to see that I really have enough. It is causing me to be more content with those things I already have and that I don’t need to go shopping for things I didn’t know I wanted, or even for those that I thought I did. I had thought of buying something with some gift money that I received but I decided to take something similar that I already had and put it in the place I felt was lacking and you know what–it works perfectly! All without me having to spend any money and yet finding satisfaction. If I save the money, it really gives me more choices in the long run. After it’s spent, it’s gone! It is an eyeopening experience to watch older people downsize and have to discard so many of the possessions that they spent their life collecting. I think that has changed my perspective on material possessions quite a bit!

So, it’s onward and upward in my trimming down again today. It really has been a joy and blessing and is helping to make my home an even more pleasant and efficient place to work!

simple-life-010.jpgWishing you a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “Keeping at the pleasant tasks of homemaking

  1. So often it happens that if I don’t rush out to fill a “need” by buying something and I really look around my home, I almost always find that I already have something that will do the job! Love the flowers…I often buy freshcut flowers at our grocery store, they are markdowns. I usually buy Daisy’s which will still last a week or two.

  2. Niki,

    I’ve had this bouquet of carnations for almost two weeks and they still look really good!

    Have a good day!


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