Another moving day

Yesterday Bill and I and Abbie spent the late morning and afternoon helping Annaleah and Seth move from their University apartment into a new apartment. It went really well and was nice because they only moved a very short distance! However, I commented to both Annaleah and Nathan, who was also helping and who had moved himself just a couple of weeks ago, that I should have done a better job at teaching them to live more lightly! They both have gathered a lot of stuff for two young people!! We got most of the things over to the new place with just a small amount of things for them to move later. Their new apartment should work out very nice for them. I will be looking forward to see how they finally arrange all of their things! Isn’t it fun to decorate a new place? Or even finding new ways of doing things in the place that you have lived for many years?

I made up French toast for breakfast with the leftover loaf of French bread. I used thick slices for what we had for breakfast but I finished off making thinner slices and cooking them up to put in the freezer. This way they could be taken out of the freezer and popped in the toaster for a quick breakfast later. I think I will have to make up a couple of loaves just to make freezer French toast. I always loved the store bought packaged kind when I was growing up, so I think this will be a good alternative and convenient when time is short.

freezer-french-toast-004.jpgHomemade freezer French toast

Today I need to plan my grocery and menu lists for my grocery shopping tomorrow. And since I was gone yesterday, I have some household jobs needing attention as well.

Blessings to you today!


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