Revising a family favorite


This was one of my kids favorite dinner time meals when they were younger. I liked it because it was easy to make and easy on the budget. We hadn’t made them for quite a while because we were trying to find things that were a little more healthy, and the packaged refrigerator biscuits just didn’t fit into that plan for us. This past Thanksgiving was also Rachel’s birthday, and she really wanted to have Barbecups for her birthday dinner! So along with our traditional Thanksgiving meal which we enjoyed early in the day, we worked to come up with a more healthy alternative so that we could enjoy these again for her special birthday meal. I found some organic barbecue sauce that we thought would work, and then I used a recipe for whole wheat biscuits to replace the packaged biscuits.

The downside is that the barbecue sauce is more expensive, but since you only use 1/4 cup, one bottle will last quite a while. Imagine my happy surprise the other day when I was doing my grocery shopping and a local grocery store had this sauce in their natural food section for only 99¢ a bottle!

barbeque-sauce-002.jpgIt was definitely time to stock some up as it can be used for other recipes as well!!

It really doesn’t take too much extra time to make up the whole wheat biscuits, and my family was pretty happy with the recipe revision! This is what was on the menu for dinner tonight!


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