Valentine’s Day planning

I really love Valentine’s Day! I love this opportunity to bless others in just small, simple ways! At our house, there are no big expectations on this day and I just love that! We have a special breakfast in the morning with a small little gift at each person’s plate. The kids like to put a little treat at each plate as well. Nothing fancy, but one of our simple traditions. As I have been working to simplify and trim down a lot of the “stuff” from our lives recently, I have been thinking about what I can do to bless those in my family this year…little things to say”I love you” to them, without adding more trinkets and clutter. That can really be a challenge! I don’t know what to do yet, but it is on my mind…

barbecups-030.jpgI thought of this material in my fabric pile and thought maybe I could make a little drawstring pouch and put some special teas in it with a small package of cookies for my mom. She lives in a very small space and I try the best I can to give her things that she can actually use. I will add a little candle tart in a pretty scent to send along for her tart warmer…something that she enjoys…something that won’t just take up space.

Now for the rest of my sweet family…

Mountain Musings posted the link to Karla Dornacher’s blog and she has some really cute Valentine’s Day downloads. They are so sweet and will fit right in with my teapot fabric!

Wishing you all a blessed day filled with the Lord’s great love!


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