New beginnings and the faithfulness of God

path-012.jpg“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5 & 6 (ESV)

About six years after we were married, my husband felt a call in his heart for serving the Lord in full-time ministry. But with one little one, we just didn’t see how we could work it all out for him to go to Bible school. Looking back, we should have stepped out in faith but, oh, how small our faith must have been! So we lived life, and life has a way of squeezing the call out. The small flickering flame of that call was always there and would flicker more brightly from time to time, and in the midst of one of these times, the Lord did provide an opportunity for him to complete Bible school while working full-time, on one income, with 4 young children! But he didn’t know exactly what to do next, and there were growing children, a house, etc. to limit how much he felt he could step out. The Lord then provided a wonderful opportunity eight years ago to spend 2 years as a bi -vocational pastor at a small hurting church that required commuting back and forth across the ferry every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. It was truly an opportunity that the Lord had brought, he was able to keep his current regular job while pastoring, and we definitely benefited from our time there. This time also caused the flame to brighten all the more, and the call on his heart became more strong and sure and it has been flickering with hope for some time now, and currently with more determination to finally step out to do something for which he believes God has called him to and has created him for. We felt that this was the year and that we needed to keep our eyes on the Lord and go forth, trusting Him to lead the way. And the Lord has been faithful! It always seems like when we step out in even one baby step of faith, He reaches out to direct our paths. An opportunity has arisen for my husband to serve in full-time ministry and we are so excited! We do not have to move, but we are leaving behind a job that is all we have known our whole married life and it is a big change, but we are excited to be starting on a new path of following Him!

May you, too, be encouraged to follow where He leads! His ways are always the best and even when we seem to be floundering, He is faithful!


One thought on “New beginnings and the faithfulness of God

  1. What a wonderful opportunity! Stepping out in faith can be an emotionally scary time, but so fulfilling. I pray that your husband and you are used by our Lord and blessed in this work. I’ll be very interested to hear how things are going.


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