Making do


I really love everything about simple living…but it is amazing how much I have come to rely on my automated household servants working properly. I wonder what kind of pioneer woman I would really be!

Back at Thanksgiving time when the refrigerator was stuffed with holiday food, it suddenly stopped working. We then had the adventure of using coolers in the garage to store our perishables. We made do for about a week, but I sure was glad when the new refrigerator was delivered. It makes my job so much easier! Although I am learning that there is always a bright side if we look for it. We were so thankful that it was wintertime and the garage was cold so things kept pretty well. That was a blessing indeed!

Now, my washing machine has decided to stop spinning! It will wash the clothes but they are still very wet in the end! So I’m going to be making do again. One thing I find helpful is to keep up on the laundry daily if possible. It makes it so much easier under normal circumstances to keep on top of things, and it really helps when the washer or dryer breaks down to not have almost every towel and piles of clothing waiting to be washed! Plus, I find it is so much easier to make do with a cheerful attitude when I haven’t created more stress for myself by being behind on things! Lessons I have learned… and am still learning! A washer that won’t spin isn’t really much to be concerned about in the larger scheme of things. My sweet man said he will try and fix it on Saturday! Until then…”A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.”!! Proverbs 15:13a (KJV)



2 thoughts on “Making do

  1. Our washer had the same problem last summer and I spent a lot of time wringing out clothes, the towels were the worst. My Grandmother must have had arms of steel! She was born in 1893 so I guess she did a lot of things the old~fashioned way~

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