The joy of card making

I have been working at making my own cards this year and with the exception of one January birthday card, so far so good!

pantry-and-card-making.jpgThis book has been a favorite of mine for inspiration. I checked it out from the library until I was able to secure a copy of my own. It is the big book of handmade cards and gift wrap by Vivienne Bolton. It has enough simple designs for me to use that I thought it would be a worthwhile addition to my library collection.

I have two birthday cards to send for March and I decided to make these using the number templates in the book.


I have seen some beautiful handcrafted cards on some blogs that I have visited–there are really some talented card makers out there! It is quite inspiring! All of my cards are quite simple in comparison but I find it such an enjoyable and peaceful task to be able to make things myself–even a simple handmade card. I know it means so much to me when someone has taken the time to make something for me. Of course, I love all things homemade! I have even been giving some thought about starting soon and making all of my own Christmas cards for this year. But with spring just around the corner, I’m not sure I’m motivated enough to start thinking about Christmas quite yet! Right now spring flowers are on my mind!

simple-life-010.jpgSending blessings your way


One thought on “The joy of card making

  1. our library has this book, so I will check it out. Thanks for the tip! I love finding a useful, inspiring book.

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