Treasure shopping

The other evening I took my daughter to the thrift store as she was looking for a couple of things she needed. It was just a time of browsing for me which is always enjoyable whether I buy anything or not. Since I am trying to simplify, I want to be mindful of the items that I bring into my home. This is beneficial not only for clutter control, but also for keeping control of our finances. Little purchases do add up and I want to make the most of the money that my husband earns! Some of the possible things for me to consider is if an item will be useful to me in the running of my home, if it will help me in hospitality, if it would add some cheeriness to my home, or if there is some gift potential in the item. I still make mistakes in this regard, but I am pressing on to make wiser choices!

I came across this pretty little pitcher for $1.99. I do love serving pitchers and there were no chips in it! I was thinking that I could either use it as a vase for fresh flowers in my home or place it next to my stove to hold some wooden spoons. I think that I am leaning towards putting some wooden spoons in it for now.


It’s on the small side, only about 7″ tall, so if I need a cheery vase to use for a flower bouquet, it would be wonderful filled with some flowers to give away as well! It’s always nice to have some pretty containers on hand for this purpose.

I am delighted that I went ahead and purchased it! Oh, the fun of treasure shopping!

Have a blessed day!


2 thoughts on “Treasure shopping

  1. Hi,
    That pitcher is a darling one. I have been running those same questions through my head. For example a couple days ago I was in the Dollar General where my daughter spied a carafe, the lid turned into a drinking glass…I passed on it. Until last night I thought it would be just dandy to have around during times of illness. Oh well…


  2. Hi Paula,

    Thanks for visiting! My trouble is that I usually can’t decide if I should buy something at the time and after thinking about it at home, I realize that it would work really well for something, only to go back later for it and it is gone!
    Have a blessed day,


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