My weekend

On Saturday I made up two batches of French bread dough to make Pizza rollups. We had one batch of the rollups for dinner, and I made up one batch to put in the freezer. That will be one dinner already prepared! I really need to double up on more recipes–it really doesn’t take that much more work at the time but it sure pays dividends later when you can just take something out of the freezer! My husband commented on the fact that this was also a good recipe to make up for the freezer to have on hand for a quick lunch if you have an opportunity for hospitality! It is always a good thing to be prepared.


I have wanted to do some work on my kitchen pantry for awhile now. It has a tendency to get so messy and unorganized. I used some spare moments during the day to work on it. I have only worked on the top two shelves so far. Everything was taken out — the shelves were wiped down, and then the bottles and jars were cleaned as needed and put away in their proper places. I was also able to use this time to take inventory of what supplies are needed and put them on a list for future purchase.


I picked up a couple of decorator jars to put my cornstarch and baking soda in. I am trying to use glass for as many of my storage containers as possible. I have been saving up canning jars as well as pasta jars and just purchasing lids and rings to put on them. They are very functional and economical too. But I wanted to add some small pretty jars to bring a little cheeriness to the pantry. I spend so much time looking in the pantry that I think it should be pretty as well as practical! So I’m going to be working on that aspect as well as cleaning and organizing. The lower three shelves are an even bigger job!

My husband liked this style jar and I think it’s cute too! Most of the time he doesn’t really have a preference on style–he just lets me choose whatever I like. So at times when he does show a preference towards something, I try and take note of it and choose what he likes!


I was also able to do some work on putting some small Easter gifts together. Can you believe it is only one week away?

Sunday I made some homemade tomato soup for lunch. I got the recipe out of the book Diet for a Small Planet. I didn’t add the rice as the recipe calls for, but is so yummy! I also made up some whole wheat bread, some apple bread, and some chocolate chip cookies. I have a tote bag that I am going to be working on so I washed up the fabric for that so it would be all ready to start sewing.

It is such a blessing to have a productive weekend!

Blessings to you!


5 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. I first saw those delicious looking pizza rolls on your daughter’s blog. I would also love to know how y’all make them. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Niki and Paula,

    This recipe is very versatile. I just used ground turkey and cheese in these, but you could use other favorite pizza toppings such as chopped pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, ham and pineapple, etc. My daughter said that she was going to post the recipe on her blog ( you should be able to see it there by sometime tomorrow!


  3. Hi Sharon,
    I asked your daughter for the recipe. You see when I was reading her blog, my Beloved came up and said, “I want some of those!” Well, I had hoped she had posted the how to but nope. So I told him I’d ask. Then he saw them on your blog…poor fella. Thanks again. I’ll be waiting.

  4. Hi Paula,

    I wanted to let you know that the dough recipe that we use for these roll-ups is already posted on my blog. If you go to the sidebar under the categories, it is listed under “In the kitchen”. The title of the post is Comfort Foods. Annaleah is going to try and put it up tonight if she is able, but you can see the dough recipe until then.
    It won’t be long now!


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