Days at home

Our schedule has been a little different here since my husband assumed his new responsibilities at the beginning of the month. And I have to say it has taken a little adjustment on my part! Cars are now needed to go in different directions at different times which leaves me much more time at home without a car. I can have the car if I need it, it’s just that others would need to be taken to work and dropped off, and then picked up again. I really am finding that this is turning out to be a good thing if I can just accustom myself to making do and be even more disciplined in planning ahead! It is requiring a little more organization because if I run out of something or I need to get something in the mail, I can’t just go whenever I wish. But I am finding much more contentment in these circumstances. There is so much to be done at home, and if I am not home, the things here cannot be accomplished! And with the cheapest gas here at $3.33 a gallon now, that is even more encouragement to stay at home and consolidate trips out!

I made up some granola bars along with my whole wheat bread this morning; a treat my family enjoys!


The bread will be all ready when Bill and Stephanie arrive home for lunch.


So much really can be accomplished by a homemaker during her lovely days at home.

I can hardly wait until the weather warms up enough so that I can be working out in the gardens again. Everything is looking a little shabby after the winter, but it has just been so cold lately!

english-daisy-016.jpgI noticed this little flower blooming just the other day. English daisies are one of my favorites!

Blessings to you!


2 thoughts on “Days at home

  1. You are right…staying home does help on the gas. We have an 4 wheel drive truck which stays parked all week. I do run errands one day per week and my beloved does love to run a wee bit more than I. My beloved was thrilled when he realized that between Feb. 16 and March 16 we only spend $75 on gas. I truly love making him smile.

    The little English daisy is too sweet.

    Have a blessed evening.

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