The work of her hands

“She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh
willingly with her hands.”
Proverbs 31:13 (KJV)
After making my tote bag for the tote swap, I have been even more encouraged and inspired to be working with my hands in productive ways. There are so many things that you can make yourself, and it brings such satisfaction. I have been thinking that some pretty potholders would be nice to replace my tattered ones, a couple more tote bags would be helpful for shopping, and some aprons would be lovely hanging on a peg rack in my back hallway. Not only would these things be useful to me in my homemaking, but they would add a nice decorative touch at home too! And my flower gardens will look so much better when I am able to be working and weeding in them as well! So many possibilities for the worker at home with willing hands!
Cross stitch is an easy needle art and lovely wall decoration!
And it’s perfect for my young learner as well
Abbie’s cross stitch
I found this quilt hanger at the thrift store and my husband thought it would look nice with a small quilt in it hanging over our bed. I think that would be nice too!So much to do!!
Wishing you a lovely and productive day!

2 thoughts on “The work of her hands

  1. I enjoy doing cross stitch as well. One of these days I hope to do one by Sandy Lyman Clough ~ she has beautiful ones with teacups and roses….
    I find it very relaxing in the evenings to have a bit of sewing or such in my lap, I don’t find much tv worth watching much nowadays, (unless it is something from my dvd collection) so this or a good book are the way I spend my evenings.

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