It is good to be outside

We enjoyed some time out this afternoon, Abbie and I, weeding a garden spot and chatting in the spring air. A lovely way to spend the afternoon. An opportunity to dream a little and to make plans for all that needs to be done. We moved our pump to a new spot and the bucket hanging on it is waiting for some spring flowers to be planted in it. This pump is a special treasure. I had seen it at an antique store a few years ago and thought it would be pretty somewhere in the yard. Not long after that, I was gone for the weekend on a getaway with my mom and sister and sister-in-law, and when I came home I saw it sitting out back. My sweet husband had gone back and purchased it for me as a surprise for when I came home! He really is so good to me!
After we finished weeding, we came back in and worked on a revised sketch of the yard and garden areas. Planning and dreaming…I think there is such joy in that! We made some changes; taking off things that we no longer needed, and added in some new things. Good plans and good dreams…
Primroses are a perennial favorite ~ What a wonderful Creator we have
who has blessed us with such an array of beautiful flowers to enjoy
And the forsythia is blooming in the back where we would like to make a shade garden.
Our new fuchsia starts seem to be thriving as well. On Saturday Bill took a hanging basket to the store for a special planting they were doing. They were selling the starts quite inexpensively, and you could buy a planter or bring one from home and they would plant them for you. There is already some noticeable growth, but we have to keep them in the garage until the weather is 40° and above, and we have still had some frosty mornings this week.
Oh, what a wonderful time of year this is!
Spring blessings

One thought on “It is good to be outside

  1. I love your pump ~ what a sweet surprise from your hubby!!
    I think Spring is my favorite time of year, with everything so fresh and sweet smelling. Of course when Autumn comes her way with the vivid colors, I say that is my favorite!!

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