Books and things

Since we are on our spring break this week, we made a trip to the homeschool consignment store. I knew that I had a credit there and that is one of my favorite ways to add some new things to our homeschool supplies and our home library. These are the things we were able to purchase.

It is so nice to be able to get some “extras” without having to spend any extra money!!

Earlier this week when my husband and I were picking up some things I had on hold at the library, my husband was told about the book sale that is going to be held tomorrow ~ a sale where all of the books will be 25¢ or 50¢! I can hardly wait! I am really enjoying building a home library of good books and these library sales are one of the ways that I can do this inexpensively. I’m hoping that I can find some good things!

Blessings on your Friday!


One thought on “Books and things

  1. I love it when our library has sales like this ~ I hope you find some goodies!! I don’t think enough people realize what a treasure their local library can be…

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