Library book sale

I love attending library book sales! Our library had one on Saturday with everything being sold for 25¢ or 50¢! There was even a table of children’s books that were 2/25¢. Most of the books that I have purchased for our home library over the years for our 10 year old have come from library sales. It is such a blessing to be able to build a library of good reading for our family at such an affordable cost. We still use the library quite frequently, but I so enjoy being able to purchase some favorites to have at home and hope that I will be building a library of books that will be a blessing to our family and others for years to come. And I think I almost favor used books now ~ well loved books!

I only made two purchases for myself ~ one was a book on decorating ideas, and the other one was a church cookbook in a small binder measuring about 7 1/2 x 9 in.

I really didn’t have a need for any more cookbooks as I think I already have enough, but my husband thought that the binder would be a good purchase for 50¢. I really do need his perspective sometimes as he can see something in a total different light. So I decided to go ahead and purchase it for the binder. After I go through the recipes (and there are some that sound good!), and keep the ones that I want to try, I think I am going to use the binder as a “Project binder”. Things I need to do, or projects I have to finish, or projects I want to start. I can keep fabric samples and such all in one place. I think it will be a very helpful tool! It has the clear cover sheet on the front so I can decorate a page to stick in the cover– hopefully somethat that will inspire me in the jobs I want to work on and accomplish!

We ended up purchasing about 16 good books for $4.50! Oh, the blessing good books can be!!

I hope you all have enjoyed a restful weekend. It is cloudy and gray and rainy here today after such a warm and uplifting sunny day yesterday. But it is a quiet Sunday and lovely just the same.



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