April snow

Tonight we had the strawberry spinach salad for dinner. The recipe said it was “the perfect early spring salad”! I have to say it really doesn’t seem like spring here ~ it is snowing again!!! It is starting to look like a winter wonderland!! We have never had snow this late as long as I can remember!!

It sure is a good thing we didn’t plant our garden last Saturday when it was in the upper 70’s!! Oh my 🙂

All of the trees are being covered in a blanket of white

and my little pump too!

Earlier in the day, we went and saw inside the hall where our son’s wedding will be! It is a cute little historical building in a lovely location. His fiancée’s mother is working on the flowers and so I was able to see what she is planning! They are very pretty and I think it will all be very sweet!! It was gray and cloudy and very cold when we went there, but it wasn’t snowing, and there were some lovely signs of spring there!

View of the city

My husband made a fire in the woodstove tonight so we could enjoy a cozy evening at home by the fireside!

Home~ what a wonderful place!



2 thoughts on “April snow

  1. Snow, oh my!!!! Actually, I’m fighting down the temptation to start planting, even though it’s been in the 70s the past few days because I know in NY we will probably get another few frosty nights.

    Hopefully, your snow will melt soon :-).


  2. Hi Terri,

    We ended up with about 4 inches of snow overnight and today only made it into the 40’s. I am so eager to get out and work in the garden if it ever warms up! 🙂 ~ this weather is so unusual!



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