A good word makes the heart glad

After dinner last night, I was in my bedroom and saw this envelope on my pillow.

A letter…from my 10 year old! I smiled when I read the first part ~ “Thank you so much for letting me read on your bed! Your bedroom is very lovely and sunny!”

It encouraged me that the work we do in our homes to make them special is important…even to 10 year olds!

Then later in the evening when I was home alone and I sat down at the computer, I looked up at the white board above our computer and saw this:

A note left for me by my husband! Small little tokens of love that didn’t cost anything or take much time ~ but mean so much! They both touched my heart in a big way. Oftentimes, I get so busy that I forget to do the little things! What a sweet reminder for me to be a little more attentive in this area myself.

May the Lord bless you as you seek to be a blessing!


4 thoughts on “A good word makes the heart glad

  1. How sweet of both of them to take the time to let you know how they feel and how much they appreciate you :o)

    Thanks for the kind and encouraging message you left on my blog!

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