A lovely leisurely Saturday

Our spring weather is back and what a welcome it is! Bill and I went for an early morning walk and it is so inspiring when the sun is out! There was a garage sale on our walk route so we decided to stop in and take a peek! I am trying to be more creative in my thinking and planning…so I decided that this open package of note cards for 50¢…

could be repackaged with a little bit of raffia to put into a gift basket

There was only one card missing! I’m so thankful for small blessings like this!

I also found this book of postcards with beautiful scenes that I thought I could use to send quick notes ~ there are lots of lovely designs!

Plus we found this little red wagon! It can be used for hauling garden plants, transporting dolls by Abigail, and it will be perfect for future grandchildren! Such fun!

We didn’t take any money with us when we were out walking so we had to go back and make our purchases. It looks like it is the start of garage sale season!

Later in the morning we took a little road trip to a little shop in the country where they make and sell 100% beeswax candles and other gifts. It was so much fun. They told us about the candles and then we each got to make one tea light size candle to take home! We all enjoyed our trip there! It will probably be a while before we do another road trip with the price of gas going up! Here is a picture taken from nearby their shop!

It was a lovely enjoyable morning and early afternoon. Now it is time to take advantage of the sunny day and do some much needed work in our yard and garden.

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend!


4 thoughts on “A lovely leisurely Saturday

  1. I wish I’d been there with you…you got some lovely things! And what lovely weather! It’s been sunny and springlike here too today…hooray!

    Love, Tina 🙂

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