A special outing

Since Monday is Bill’s day off, and to celebrate our special day tomorrow, we enjoyed a little time out together today. The morning started off gray and dreary and with pouring rain, but the skies cleared up and it has turned out to be a lovely sunny day! We had a wonderful time!

We went out for breakfast and then we did a little treasure shopping where I picked up a couple of sweet things! Afterwards Bill thought it would be fun to go to a local botanical garden. We had spent our honeymoon in Victoria, B.C. where we visited the Butchart Gardens, so this was a delightful reminiscence for us. It was beautiful at the botanical gardens and it was free to visit! Here are a few pictures from there:

My sweetman

A waterfall with flowers

This was the root cellar built by the original owners of the property ~ too cute!

Another lovely waterfall!

Afterwards we went to a place that was almost as pretty ~ an amazingly large plant nursery. I have wanted a garden phlox plant for so long and they had them! We picked out a Blue Boy and I can hardly wait to have it planted and see it in bloom!

This is a picture of the grounds of the nursery ~ chickens and all!

Days like this are treasures! Tonight we are going for dinner at our daughter and son-in-law’s. It was Seth’s idea to invite us over and he is going to make pasta for all of us. I thought that was so sweet!


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