Blessed beyond measure

It is a sweet day for me ~ it is our 30th wedding anniversary! So I thought I would share 30 simple things that I love about the wonderful man the Lord has blessed me with!

  • I love it when he writes me notes and signs it “your guy”
  • I love that he is my best friend
  • I love how willing he is to go on errands with me
  • I love how he is sentimental over some things that remind him of when we were first married
  • I love how he sacrifices so much to provide for all of us
  • I love him for leading me to the Lord
  • I love how he always makes sure that the car has gas in it for me
  • I love how when he wants to get away, it always includes taking me
  • I love how he always tries to protect me
  • I love it that he is willing to be a servant
  • I love how he blesses me in my efforts in being a homemaker
  • I love it that he is content
  • I love it that he still wants to get away for little dates with me after all these years
  • I love it that he is a man of honesty and integrity
  • I love how he can talk to anyone and be friendly to everyone
  • I love how he encourages and challenges me in the things of the Lord
  • I love how he surprises me once in a while by taking time off just to do something with me
  • I love how he holds my hand as we’re sitting in church
  • I love it that he is so easy to cook for
  • I love how he can be funny but that he’s always serious about the things of the Lord
  • I love it that he would be happy living in a simple log cabin
  • I love how he encourages me in my efforts to be frugal and that he gets involved himself
  • I love it that he is organized
  • I love it that he often asks me if I would like some tea or cocoa in the evening
  • I love it that he wants to sit next to me in the restaurant booth instead of across the table
  • I love his gentle hardworking hands
  • I love how thoughtful and helpful he is around the house
  • I love that as a father he tries to protect but not smother
  • I love how he loves the Word of God
  • I love that he desires to live his life for the Lord and not for what the world offers

A day of reflection…of thankfulness…of joy!

“The Lord has done great things for us;

we are glad.”

Psalm 126:3 (ESV)



12 thoughts on “Blessed beyond measure

  1. And I love the fact you shared this with us!
    I really enjoy it when women praise their men instead of criticising them which seems a popular past-time these days.
    Enjoy your day & happy anniversary to you both.

  2. Congratulations on an accomplishment that is rare these days! And what a nice tribute to your husband–he sounds like a very nice man and your perfect life partner.

  3. Congratulations and thank you for a beautiful post. It made me feel all warm inside! How wonderful to write such lovely things about your dear husband. It blesses my heart when wives praise their husbands like that. My husband is my best friend and soulmate too and your post reminded me of all the sweet things he does for me too…thank you.

    Love, Tina 🙂

  4. Shout to the Lord as your household is blessed.
    Happy Anniversary my dear friend and am rejoiced at what wonderful things you have written this time.
    May both your lives be more fulfilled with love and joy.

  5. Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary and what a lovely idea with regard to your ‘list’ — may you enjoy many more years together!!

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