Planning for hospitality

I have been doing a lot of thinking about hospitality lately and I am trying to take some steps to enable me to be a little more prepared to be hospitable. Books on hospitality are being taken off the shelves where they have probably gotten a little dusty from lack of use (not a good sign), and I am working on my hospitality cupboard. And I am so excited! I was just given a new book on hospitality yesterday! It is just a small little book and I hope to finish reading it today. I wanted to share just a little part from it. The book is called The Hospitality Commands by Alexander Strauch. This is from the last Chapter called “Helpful Hints in Practicing Hospitality“, (The last chapter was one of the first things I read because it was some practical stuff!)

“The belief that hospitality is important and the actual practice of hospitality are two different things.”

“Set a regular time each week or month to invite people to your home. Unless you plan this into your schedule, you may never get past the good-intention level to the implementation level. ”

Reading these things in this book reminded me of something our pastor said. He was talking about our priorities and he said, “priorities are what you do, not what you want to do!”

This is all very encouraging to me because I want to be one who is always ready to be hospitable to others, with no excuses! And it is something that I need to hear! Many times I have good intentions, but if I never get beyond thinking and talking about it and turn that into actually doing it, can it really be that important to me? And what an awesome way hospitality can be used to share the great love the Lord has blessed us with

May you all be blessed today!


5 thoughts on “Planning for hospitality

  1. This is an area I really need to work on…now that we have a home again I have no excuse!! As a matter of fact when I was cleaning out our freezer the other day and coming across muffins that had been in there way too long, I thought to myself next time I make a big batch of something like this I need to invite a neighbor or two over for tea. I love to bake, but no one has a sweet tooth but me (except when it comes to homemade chocolate cookies!)
    But like you said having the good intentions and carrying it out are two different things.
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Oh I feel so convicted now! My husband invited friends from out of state without consulting with me first and they have contacted me asking for dates to visit for a week. I was floored! I am the only cook in the house and I have a part time job as well as homeschooling both kids, so having 3 people stay for a week will be very hard on me most of all. We have been at odds all this week over this issue and I hate it. My husband thinks I am being unreasonable and selfish not to want their company. I struggle with having the time just to keep up day to day right now, let alone trying to be hospitable to guests. Maybe the Lord is trying to tell me something?

    Any suggestions–maybe a compromise on both our parts?

  3. Hi Kris,
    I can relate to what you are saying!
    For me personally, probably some of my biggest struggles with hospitality come from me allowing unnecessary perfectionism to take over. And when that happens, I put way too many expectations upon myself! I allow everything to become a big deal, everything has to be just so, and I am stressed out and miserable! In contrast, my husband tends to be much more laid back and his heart would be just to extend an offer of hospitality on the spur of the moment when I would tend to make it into a two-day frenzy of preparations beforehand! I tend to take what could be a blessing and turn it into a burden! I am in the learning process here myself!

    So, some possible suggestions would be to keep everything as simple as you can!
    Could you prepare some main dishes, muffins, etc. to put in the freezer beforehand? Maybe check your recipe files and see if you have some easy recipes for the crockpot.
    Can you plan a time for them to visit when you are on a break from homeschooling? Can you delegate some of your household chores to family members? Try and help them catch a vision and see this as a time when your whole family can be involved in being a blessing to your guests.
    And of course, pray!!
    I hope this is helpful in some way.



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