A day of homekeeping

It is a homekeeping kinda day for me today! It actually feels quite freeing to not have a car at home calling me outward, and to not have any place pressing to go! We have church tonight, but the rest of my day will be spent here at home! It really sounds good to me ~ especially because it is cloudy and cool with the temperature being only in the upper 40’s! I will have to light some candles and pick some flowers to create my own sunshine inside!

These flowers are blooming now and they make such lovely garden bouquets

When I made up my job box, one of my goals was to try and do something pretty around the house each day. It obviously was too lofty of a goal for me because it hasn’t been achieved yet!! I probably should change it to a weekly goal to be more attainable for me. I don’t want to take what was meant to be a blessing and make it legalistic or turn it into a burden, because it just came from my desire to be more thoughtful and put more effort in the little things around my home. Little things that I could do without spending any money but that would add some cheeriness and be a blessing to our whole family. I’ll keep pressing on with this!

Hopefully this will bless my family at lunch time!

May all of the little ways you make your homes special be blessed!


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