Seeing things in a new light

I think I oftentimes take for granted the many little things here around my home that bring so much pleasure and delight. So many littles to be thankful for! So many blessings that I am seeing everyday that I easily take for granted. How can my heart possibly be drawn away by what the world has to offer and want for more when I learn to really delight in the things all around me here at home that I am already blessed with. I think being home without a car some days is turning out to be a blessing that I didn’t anticipate. What I saw as an inconvenience, the Lord is using for my good! If I take the time…I can see things in a wonderful new light…

The blossoms on our apple tree from my kitchen window seem just a little more beautiful

The glow from the beeswax candles in my sittingroom seems just a little sweeter

The hearty homemade tomato soup that I am able to make for my family at noontime tastes just a little bit better

The lovely pink blooms of the neighbor’s rhododendron that I get to enjoy appears a little more splendid

If only I will take the time and look around ~ His blessings abound! Oh how could I want for more?

Lord, help us to have grateful hearts filled to overflowing!


7 thoughts on “Seeing things in a new light

  1. Sharon ~

    Thank you for such a nice website to visit. I go away with
    such a peace and calm. Special blessings to you and
    your family.

    Blessings ~

  2. Sharon, that is so true. It helps when we slow down and take the time to look around and just enjoy the small things in life. Thank you for sharing :-).


  3. dear sharon, the tomato soup looks very tempting.
    if you can spare time, please let us have the receipe.
    have a blessed week.
    thank you.

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