Sweet Friday evening treat

A quiet evening at home…and we were hungry for something sweet! Well, at least I was…and Bill and Abbie were agreeable! 🙂 I thought of a yummy coffee cake from this cookbook…

As Abbie and I were starting the preparations in the kitchen, Rachel joined in and suggested that we should try making it with honey instead of sugar. Since it makes a 9 x 13 inch pan, we made two 8 x 8 pans ~ Rachel worked on one; substituting honey for sugar using guidelines in our More With Less Cookbook, and Abbie and I made one following the original recipe. We baked them together for the same length of time, but we were surprised to see how much darker the one with honey turned out!

Blueberry Coffee Cake

This one was made with honey

This one was made with sugar and has a glaze

Bill has to be at the church bright and early tomorrow morning for a men’s breakfast, so the girls and I can enjoy some of the leftover coffee cake for our breakfast. It will be so nice to wake up and have something already made and waiting for us. And since oatmeal is our standard breakfast food here, it will be a nice treat! Years ago, when our oldest kids were small, we used to have doughnut Saturdays once in a while ~ maybe I should think about doing something a little more special like that again, only maybe something that I could make from scratch at home! Even simple things we do in family life can make for good memories!

Sweet blessings


3 thoughts on “Sweet Friday evening treat

  1. Even simple things we do in family life can make for good memories!

    You are so right here – have a lovely weekend.

  2. Sharon ~

    We also wanted something to go with our evening cup of
    coffee yesterday evening. We tried Spicy Buttermilk Coffee
    Cake. It was a first time recipe and a keeper I do believe.

    Also, I am reading your website from the beginning and
    enjoying it very much. Was wondering if you could post
    your recipe for the pretzel turtles that you had in your post
    of November 18, 2007.

    Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend.

    Hugs ~

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