Pretzel turtles

I had a request to post the recipe for this yummy treat!

I first had them at a 4th of July celebration and they are so delicious! Everyone seemed to love them! My sister-in-law just told me how to make them so I didn’t use an exact recipe. All you need is equal amounts of three ingredients ~ mini twist pretzels, Rolo candies, and whole pecans. We have used walnuts and they are good too! Line a cookie sheet with pretzels, place one unwrapped Rolo candy on top of each pretzel and place in the oven at about 300-350° F. just long enough for the candy to start to get soft (probably about 3 to 5 minutes). When the candies are soft, place one whole nut on top and press down. Let cool so chocolate hardens again.

Enjoy Teri!


8 thoughts on “Pretzel turtles

  1. Sharon ~

    Thank you so much. I will try the pretzel turtles as soon
    as I get the Rolo candies.

    Thanks again! Have a wonderful week.

    Hugs ~

  2. I made these candies at Christmas this year and they were a hit! I found some information about Calla Lilly care:

    A potted Calla lily will usually bloom for 4-6 weeks. They do well in bright light in the winter months and partial shade in the summer. They prefer temperatures of 70-85F in summer and 60-75F in the winter/spring. Cooler temperatures will help the plant and flowers last longer. Keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy. Wet soil can lead to a fungus rot that affects the roots and rhizome, that is why you need to allow the water to drain from the pot. During active growth and blooming, feed your Calla every 2-3 weeks with a well-balanced fertilizer. When the plant, stops blooming and the leaves start to yellow and die back, reduce watering and let the soil dry. Clip off all brown foliage and store the slightly moist pot in a cool (42-45F), shady spot for a resting period. In late winter/spring, replant the tuber in fresh, loose soil for spring/summer blooms.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Thanks so much Kris, for sharing this information. The lily is so pretty and I’m hoping to keep it looking like this! 🙂 I will print this off so I will know how to care for it!!
    Thanks again!


  4. I will have to try these…our neighbor has a pecan tree in his yard and we are always treated to his bounty. Carmel and pecans is a special favorite combo of mine!!
    You always post the best recipes!!

  5. I bought milk duds and rolos at .32 cents a bag after Halloween. I tried both and kinda liked the milk dud better as there was more caramel. What a great idea!!

  6. Hi Lyn ~

    What a great buy on the candies!! Thanks for the idea of using Milk Duds ~ I never would have thought of that!

    It is a blessing to have a visit from you!

    Have a lovely day!

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