Tea time preparations

Our church is having a women’s tea on Saturday afternoon and the girls and I are hosting a table! This means decorating the table and providing all of the serving pieces for 7 people. Abbie was so disappointed when they said it was for girls high school aged and up, as all of her sisters are able to take part and she had really been looking forward to it too! Since Bill is going to help serve at the tea along with some other men from the church, Abbie is going to spend the afternoon with Nathan.

I had some thoughts for what we could use for the table setting, but then it just didn’t seem to go well together. This is not good for someone who likes to have things planned out ahead of time!! I needed to use something different for the plates, but when Bill took me on Monday back to the antique store where I had seen some pretty clear dessert size plates for a really good price, they were nowhere to be found! The thrift shops offered no help to me either! As kind of a last resort in the back of my mind, I pulled out some other plates that I already had, and Bill suggested that if I used a different color napkin, it would tie it all together. At least that’s what I’m hoping for!! We are setting up the tables on Friday so I will be able to see how it looks in advance and see if I need to make any last minute changes! I was able to find 8 napkins in the right color for only $3.98 ~ what a blessing that was!

I also agreed to make one of the recipes that they needed for the tea. The women’s ministry leader said it was a simple recipe and I noticed that it used a cake mix, so I happily took that recipe ~ only realizing later on that it is a four layer cake!! Yikes!! For someone who usually makes cakes in an 8 x 8 or 9 x 13 inch pan, and who likes to keep life as simple and stress free as possible, I might be stretching myself just a little bit here ~ especially since our son is getting married on Sunday!! I’m sure it will all turn out fine, and we will enjoy a lovely tea and wedding too! Blessed and treasured days these are ~ just not quite as simple as normal!!

Now if we can just finish up with our clothes preparations needed for the wedding we’ll be set!!

When I make the cake on Friday, I will try and take a picture and post the recipe for you all!

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful day!


7 thoughts on “Tea time preparations

  1. The tea table setting in the photo is lovely and you are very ambitious to try a 4 tiered cake ~ I usually make them in square or oblong pans too so understand how you feel :o)

    I trust all will be finished and you’ll be able to relax and not only enjoy the tea but your son’s wedding on Sunday.

    I look forward to a picture or two afterward :o)

  2. I am hoping the cake goes well. You make up two round cakes and then you cut those in half and put filling between the layers. I’m just not too sure about cutting it into the two pieces! Hopefully, I will have a picture to share!!



  3. Good Morning ~

    What a busy weekend you have coming up.

    You and your family are making many special memories
    that will last for a lifetime.


    Hugs ~

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