A good dose of exercise

I needed something from the store yesterday and I wasn’t going to have a car at home ~ so what can I do? How about walking to the store! I gave it a little thought, but walking there and back is probably about 4 miles total and I wasn’t quite zealously ambitious enough on the spur of the moment to think that sounded like a good idea! It wasn’t the nicest day, but by the afternoon it was only just cloudy, and wasn’t too cold or rainy! Then it came to me ~ what about walking one way!! Bill was heading back to the church after lunch, and the store was on the way so he could drop the girls and I off at the store and we could make our purchase and walk home! It seemed perfect and some PE time would be good for the afternoon!

We brought along my fabric tote bag and received a 5¢ discount for using it ~ doesn’t every little bit help these days? It was such good exercise and so enjoyable being out in the fresh air. Bill and I often go for walks in the morning, but somehow walking from the store with tote in hand, without driving and using up gas, made it seem like a different kind of walk. Maybe like I was doing something more productive. It’s funny how the changing times can also change your perspective of things!

Once we crossed the highway near where the store is located, the rest of the way was wonderful. We traveled through a residential area that goes around a lake and it was such a nice walk with sidewalks or good walking areas most of the way.

I am hoping that in the summertime, we can do this more often. With gas prices inching up, this is sounding like a very frugal mode of transportation!!

Hope you are having a good day!


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