The simple joys of homemaking

Lord, thank you so much for the many joys of homemaking! A homemaker really has the most wonderful opportunities before her each day…even if what we do today has to be redone again tomorrow…and again the next day…and the day after that!

Today I am enjoying:

The sound of the washing machine and dryer faithfully helping me in my work

Lovely music that keeps me focused on the Lord and fills my heart with joy and thanksgiving

The smell of freshly baked bread from the oven

The lovely fragrance of a candle reminding me of my need for a gentle and quiet spirit

Flowers from my garden

Glimpses out my kitchen window at my newly planted herb garden

A clean and shiny sink ready for the day’s washings

The sweet scent of Mrs. Meyer’s lavender spray as I tidy up

Yummy homemade brownies made by my 10 year old

A cup of tea with some freshly picked lemon balm

A homemaker’s day is full of blessings to affect both home and heart!

What blessings are you enjoying today?


8 thoughts on “The simple joys of homemaking

  1. Dear Sharon,

    I loved hearing all the things you enjoyed throughout your lovely day of homekeeping!

    Some of the things I enjoyed today:
    Reading Bible verses this morning.
    Baking homemade cookies for my husband and son.
    Making homemade treats for our poodle.
    The beautiful songbirds that come to our feeders.
    All the veggies and flowers growing in our garden.
    Clean laundry that I hung out to dry.
    A clean kitchen.
    Seeing my son enjoy reading a good book.
    My husband coming home from work and bringing us organic strawberries.
    So many blessings to be thankful for!

    Congratulations on your son’s wedding. They are a beautiful couple! The ladies tea was lovely.

    I grow lemon balm as well, it is wonderful for tea and I also read that you can crush the leaves and rub on your skin to repel insects while your in the garden. All of your photos are so beautiful!

    Thank you for visiting me and for you sweet words!

  2. Sharon ~

    Blessings that I have enjoying today are ~

    Waking up this morning to the sun coming up and a nice
    breeze coming in our bedroom window.

    Making up our “comfy” bed with the crisp, clean, soft
    cotton bedding. ~ Wrens singing as I made our bed.

    Enjoying a nice breakfast with my husband.

    Washing dishes and my husband drying them with a nice
    breeze coming in our kitchen window.

    Exercising with my husband.

    Tidying up our home.

    Preparing and enjoying lunch. Cleaning up the kitchen.

    Spent time with hubby on the front porch ~ enjoying the
    pretty day. “Both of us enjoying our library books.”

    We ran a few errands this afternoon.

    Prepared and enjoyed a light dinner. We shared cleaning
    the kitchen.

    We are spending a quiet evening. Hubby is watching Fox
    news, as I spend time on the computer.

    I might mention that my husband is retired, so we enjoy
    spending our time together.

    Thanks for this post. It makes us realize how blessed we


  3. It is still quite early this morning, so my day is just beginning.
    But as a homemaker I am thankful that I can take my time in the morning hours while I fix breakfast for my kids and hubby and not feel rushed to go anywhere.
    I love hearing and watching the birds at the feeders from my window.
    The morning is my favorite part of my day!!

  4. Sharon,

    What a blessing your post was to me. I love to read of simple, gentle pleasures. It’s so soothing on your blog!

    I love the sound of the washing machine too! It seems comforting somehow…

    I love all the things you mentioned…such ordinary things, but all from the Lord.

    God Bless you today,
    Love, Tina 🙂

  5. Thank you all so much for sharing through your lovely comments! I was blessed just hearing of all the things you were enjoying in your day of homemaking. It really is such a joy ~ I’m wanting to savor every moment and not take these small blessings for granted as I sometimes have in the past.

    I am so thankful for each one of you!


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