My path to homemaking

I was thinking yesterday about the book that I found at the library for 25¢ and how thankful I was for this small blessing from the Lord. And it caused me to think back on God’s faithfulness to us through the years. I am reminded of the fact that in just a few weeks, I will have been a full-time homemaker for 26 years! I was a fairly new Christian, and the Lord was putting the desire on my heart to stay at home. I remember searching the Bible and praying to see if this really was His will for me, and encouraged when I saw that it was! It was so exciting because as my husband was praying along with me, the Lord gave him wisdom for how we could pay our car off. We prayed and planned, taking care of necessary things, and all the while I counted down the days until I could be at home! I remember how excited I was to begin my homemaking journey, but I think 26 years later I am even more excited about the wonderful and fulfilling calling that it truly is!

And God has been so faithful to us! When I stopped working outside the home, my husband was making a very small salary and we just about had everything budgeted down to the very last penny! We have had many lean and stretching times since then, but the Lord has been our provider and seen us through.

Being a homemaker has been one of my greatest joys!

May your day be blessed!


12 thoughts on “My path to homemaking

  1. Sharon ~

    Your postings are so refreshing and encouraging!

    The words that come to mind when I read your posts are
    faith, family, peace, contentment, love, joy, simplicity and
    values to name a few.

    This is the message that I hope comes from our home

    It would be so nice to chat over a cup of tea.

    Hugs ~

  2. Good Morning Teri,

    And thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement! I must say that I am always so blessed by you and all the others that visit here ~ the Lord uses you all to brighten my day!

    And I do think a cup of tea and a visit would be wonderful!

    I hope you enjoy a lovely day,


  3. Another lovely post Sharon. How wonderful that you have been a homemaker for all those years! What a blessing! I have been at home now for 19 years and I feel so happy and content. It’s so good to be at home.

    Love, Tina xx

  4. Hi Tina,
    I am so happy that you have been able to have so many years at home as well ~ it really is such a good thing! It does bring such contentment and peace.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit today ~ I hope you have a day full of sweet blessings! 🙂

    Hugs ~


  5. Dear Sharon,

    What a beautiful testimony! Praise the Lord you have been a full-time homemaker for 26 years and that you grow to love it even more with each passing day! I have been a homemaker for 16 years now and I am so thankful the Lord saved me and and showed me His perfect way for wives and mothers! Like you, God has been so very faithful to us! Being a homemaker is one of my greatest joys too!

    Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting post!
    The photo is so pretty.

    I hope you have a blessed weekend!

    P.S. Yes, your daughter will have a wonderful keepsake with her Nature Journal! The Lord is so good to provide for us, as you said, even in the small things! You have a beautiful and grateful heart that glorifies Him!

  6. We have had some rough times along the way as well ~ but we have always pulled through.
    I’m very blessed to be a Homemaker ~ its one of my greatest joys!

  7. Dear Paula,

    It is so encouraging to hear of everyone’s years devoted to homemaking.

    I so appreciate your gracious and kind words. I know I have received so much encouragement and inspiration from the lovely blogs of like-minded homemakers who enjoy making their homes a special place for their families. It is a blessing indeed!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,


  8. Dear Lady Laurie,

    Even in the lean times that we experience living on one income, I have never regretted my decision to be at home. It is such a joy!

    Blessings to you,


  9. The picture on this post is so beautiful and so inviting! It just makes one want to walk down that path and smell the clean smell in the air of forest and flowers and hear the wind blowing in the treetops. What a picture of peace and contentment.

    It was lovely to hear the testimony that is yours for your 26 years at home as a homemaker. Some women today do not even know what they are missing and I believe our world would be a better place if more women would stay at home and be the wife and mothers that God intended them to be instead of trying to compete with men in the working world.

    I know that some women do not have any choice in this matter as I didn’t for I have worked outside the home most of my life. But for me, I didn’t have any choice in the matter. But I can see where my life would have been the better for having been able to stay at home.

    Thank you for this testimony of God’s grace and blessings in your life!



  10. Dear Dianne,

    This path picture was taken at a local botanical garden that my husband and I were blessed to visit for our anniversary. It was a really pretty place there!

    Thank you so much for visiting!

    Have a blessed Sunday,


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