In the loveliness of the morning

Bill had an early morning board meeting today so I decided to spend a little time outside. The sun was up this morning ~ I think it was the first time since our beautiful wedding day on Sunday. It was such a welcome sight! It has been a very cold spring here. However, all of the rain has certainly been nourishing all of the weeds that I have waiting for me! My poor garden areas are looking very neglected and there is so much that I want to do with them! I spent most of my time scrubbing a clay planter that had been out in the weather and had quite a bit of moss on it that I had to remove. Now it is clean and ready for planting!

The birds were singing such lovely songs this morning, and unlike myself, they didn’t even seem to notice as the sun would come and go, as they went right along chirping their merry songs. I think the sun is trying to give us some cheeriness today. The air was pleasant though, and not cold, so that was welcome.

I do have a few pretty things blooming right now so I thought I would share some of them with you!

Purple azalea


Red azalea and candy tuft with the bud of an iris in the background

My much loved snowball bush with only a few blooms this year as it is being overshadowed by the neighbors evergreen!

And I am so excited about my lilac bush ~ we bought it a couple of years ago on our anniversary and Bill just noticed the other day that it is starting to bloom with it’s very first lovely blossoms!

If anyone would like to share some of your favorite garden flowers, I would love to hear of them. I must admit that I love flowers and gardens, but I am not as good of a gardener as I one day hope to be! This is a work in progress!

Hoping you all have an enjoyable weekend!


2 thoughts on “In the loveliness of the morning

  1. Sharon ~

    Everything is so pretty and it is so nice that it is


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