Words of encouragement

A couple of weeks ago, my husband brought in the mail at lunch time, and I was so excited because I had received a package!! It wasn’t my birthday or any special occasion, but a very sweet friend of mine had sent me a book and some tea! What a treat this was, and it totally brightened up my day! I know it took some time and thought for her to do this, and then take it to the post office to mail, and she is a busy homeschooling mom of 10! I can’t tell you how blessed her thoughtfulness made me feel!

Don’t we all love to receive encouragement every day? I have been making some picture cards again the last couple of days ~ not only because I have a lot of birthday and special occasion cards to send this next month, but I also want to be prepared to send out some encouragement!

I love these words of encouragement by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies. She said, “God constantly encourages us in His word. He continually exhorts us to ‘Fear not!’ When Jesus was on earth, He constantly encouraged with the words, ‘Be of good cheer…Be not afraid.’ This is the desire of God’s heart. He constantly wants to encourage us. But He can only tangibly do this through His people, His body. Everyday He wants to load us with blessings! Every day He wants to encourage us! Every day He wants to cheer us up and inspire us…Can you just imagine what would happen to a body of God’s people if each one was being encouraged by someone else every day – and each believer was encouraging someone else? It would be very difficult to be laid low with depression. It would be hard to backslide. It would be difficult to get into unbelief.”

I think I need to stock up on some pretty postage stamps so that I can fill up my mailbox with cards! I sometimes like to imagine what the mailman would think if every day, cards adorned with pretty stickers were waiting there for him to take to the post office to be sorted and delivered to someone. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Blessings friends


8 thoughts on “Words of encouragement

  1. Sharon ~

    If I had your address, I would send you a special card.

    But since I don’t, this will have to do.

    My card would read:

    A true friend holds out a hand
    but touches your heart instead.
    How I treasure our online friendship.

    Many Blessings ~

  2. Sharon,

    I couldn’t agree with you more and the thought that Teri left for you is very special :o)

    I am making an attempt with the Lord’s help to start doing just what you’ve talked about. My prayer is that the Lord keep my heart open to those He lays on my heart that need a note of encouragement, blessing, sympathy or just a smile & hello.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Dear Teri,

    That is just so sweet! Thank you so much ~ you have blessed my heart in a special way!

    I am so thankful that you found my blog and that we can indeed be online friends!

    Blessings to you,


  4. Dear Dallas,

    May the Lord bless you as you reach out to encourage others. I agree with your prayer, and pray that the Lord would do this work in me as well! It is a good work that He would have us to do!



  5. I appreciated your blog on being an encourager. I try to do that by sending birthday and anniversary cards in the mail to my church family but it is also important to do what you have been writing about and that is to send words of encouragement to my friends when they don’t expect it.

    Thank you for these words of encouragement and I am glad that both your online friends and your friend that sent you these cards have blessed your day as you have mine!

    Blessings to you today!


  6. Dear Sharon,
    The picture cards you made are beautiful! You are so very encouraging! I love the quote you shared from Nancy Campbell.

    That is just what you do as you share you heart and words of encouragement here at the Shepherds House and through the kind comments you leave.

    The Lord bless you!

    P.S. I think the postman would be blessed to see all those handwritten cards with cheerful stickers on them, being sent out to brighten someone’s day!

  7. Dear Dianne,

    Thank you for your visit and your encouraging words. I think you do sound like such an encouraging woman who is probably doing so much of this! I so want to do more in this area myself. I am so blessed by all the lovely blogs I visit, I think we all have such a wonderful opportunity to encourage one another!

    Have a wonderful day,


  8. Dear Paula,

    Thank you for your sweet words! I am hoping that with the Lord’s help, my mailbox will be used as a place to send out many words of encouragement ~ how exciting that would be!

    Have a blessed Sunday,


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