Gardening joys

I am sure enjoying all of the pleasures of the garden these days! We had hoped to work outside today but it has been cloudy and gray and has been raining off and on so Bill took us all to a wonderful area nursery where I was blessed to have a gift card. What an amazing place with so many lovely things ~ and so many choices!

I was so excited to see this lovely plant!

It’s a culinary viola! So sweet!

I think the flowers would be so pretty frozen in ice cubes and floating in some lemonade! Perhaps I will put it in my kitchen window for now ~ it is just so cheerful looking!

I guess I was mostly attracted to the herbs today ~ so now I’ve added garlic chives, orange mint, and chocolate mint to my small collection of herbs. I also bought another lavender plant to add to my cottage garden and some spinach seeds for our garden!

Stephanie purchased this dwarf pomegranate tree and some peppermint!

We enjoyed our time there ~ what a special treat!

It will be a busy Sunday for us tomorrow as we have both a potluck lunch and potluck dinner to attend! I do hope each of you enjoys a blessed day! Looking forward to visiting with you again soon


10 thoughts on “Gardening joys

  1. Good Evening Sharon ~

    It has been a busy day for us today.

    I love all of your plants. I just think the pansys are so
    sweet. I always have johnny~jump~ups. Many years
    ago for my birthday an elderly lady here in our town
    came by and she had a little pot of johnny~jump~ups
    for me and I had never had them before, but just
    thought that they were so pretty. She has since passed
    on and I think of her each time when I am in my little
    garden and see those pretty little flowers.

    I think your bench looks so cute with all the pots of
    different plants.

    You sure had a fun day! We love to go to the garden shops too.

    God bless you and your family!

    Hugs ~

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing those pictures of gardening joy. Those are great looking plants. All are great, and the culinary viola is very pretty. Isn’t spring just a gorges time of year. Everything beautiful and fresh. My wife and I spent this beautiful Indiana afternoon planting perennials and hostas in the flower garden.
    It’s good to see your gardening joy.

    May God Bless!

  3. true enough, i admire your garden flowers all the time i surf through your blog.
    It has always been enchanting..thank you for making me smile.

    Have a blessed Sunday with family n friends.

    thank you

  4. Dear Sharon,

    The flowers, herbs and tree that Stephanie and you purchased are so beautiful! Gardening is such a joy! Saturday my dear husband took me to a garden center to purchase a few flowers. I can hardly wait to plant them and take pictures to share!

    I hope you have a blessed Lord’s Day!

    The Lord bless you!

  5. Dear Teri,

    I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend! We did have such a fun time at the garden nursery! Today was a little too busy for me with the two potlucks after church ~ but it was a good time of fellowship!

    How very sweet of that lady to bring you the johnny jump-ups!
    It is such a pleasure to work in the garden and see such pretty things! Hopefully our weather will improve here as I have so much to do outdoors!



  6. Dear Tom,

    Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments on my garden plants!

    It is such a joy to work in the garden ~ I’m glad you and your wife were able to enjoy the afternoon planting in your own garden.

    The Lord bless you,


  7. Dear Paula,

    I’m so glad you were able to make a trip to the garden center too! What fun that is!

    I will be looking forward to seeing the pictures of the lovely flowers that you purchased!

    I hope that you have enjoyed a blessed day today!


  8. Mages duru,

    Oh thank you for the sweet comment! Your comments always bless me so much!

    I hope you also have enjoyed a lovely Sunday with those you love!



  9. Terri,

    I love the herbs too ~ I’ve never really had too many before so this is fun! The plants from this nursery looked really good ~ I only hope I can keep them looking like this! 🙂



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