A new song in my heart

There is a possibility that we may tie a weather record for our area set back in 1917! If the temperature today holds to the expected low 60’s, it will tie it for having the first 11 days in June with high temperatures 65° or under. In fact, it will officially only be the second day over 60° so far this June.

As I was spending some quiet time yesterday morning, I read this hymn called Sunshine in My Soul by Eliza E. Hewitt. It encouraged my heart so much! I realized how easy it is to let even simple circumstances like the weather cause us to lose perspective!

“There is sunshine in my soul today, More glorious and bright

Than glows in any earthly sky, For Jesus is my light.

There is music in my soul today, A carol to my King,

And Jesus, listening, can hear The songs I cannot sing.

There is music in my soul today, For when the Lord is near,

The dove of peace sings in my heart, The flow’rs of grace appear.

There is gladness in my soul today, And hope and praise and love

For blessings which He gives me now, For joys “laid up” above.”

The words were such a blessing to me and it left me with a new song in my heart all day!

Praying that the Lord will put a new song of encouragement in your heart! He is so faithful!

Have a blessed day!


7 thoughts on “A new song in my heart

  1. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful hymn and your encouraging words!

    I know your daughter will love her nature journal supplies! That will make a wonderful birthday gift. The Carolina Chickadee is here year round too and they are so cute and cheerful! I am glad the Black-capped Chickadee is there year round and that you daughter found it in her field guide. She will have such fun sketching and recording her nature finds! It is such a blessing that you are encouraging her to do this, and providing the materials she needs.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Dear Paula,

    Thank you once again for your help with our bird watching. I read where the Carolina Chickadee has a four note song while the Black-Capped Chickadee only has a two note song! There is really so much to learn! I am planning on picking up some supplies for Abigail later this week for her birthday ~ I know it will be such fun and a blessing for her. I so appreciate the inspiration you have given me!

    Blessings to you,


  3. Dear Ya Ya,

    I had not heard the hymn before either, but I was really encouraged and blessed by the words! There really are so many great hymns!

    It certainly would be nice if you could send some warmth our way ~ some people are calling this month Junuary here! We only reached 58 degrees today, but they are expecting it to be warmer (meaning the mid 60’s) with sun for the next few days!

    Have a blessed day,


  4. Dear Sharon,

    You are so very welcome! Oh yes, there is so much to learn, but that is the very fun of it, don’t you think?! For instance, I was disappointed because I had not been seeing the White-breasted Nuthatch at our feeder. We did see the Brown-headed Nuthatch at our feeder a few weeks ago. They are both here year-round, so I read in my field guide that during the spring and summer months they have so many insects to eat that they stop visiting the feeders. I suppose the Brown-headed Nuthatch must have came by for a snack! Birds are wonderful for your garden, eating all those bugs!

    Well, this morning my dear husband said there is a White-breasted Nuthatch in the Bald Cypress Tree, and I looked and there he was going up round and round eating insects and then going down round and round. Oh, they are such fun to watch!!! I was thanking and praising the Lord. Isn’t it wonderful to find such joy in simple, yet beautiful things, the Lord has created! Now, I must do an entry in my nature journal. I know Abigail is really going to enjoy her nature journal.

    The Lord bless you!!!!

  5. Dear Paula,

    Birds are so fun to watch ~ this is kind of a new enjoyment for me! I think we need to find a copy of a field guide that is specifically for our area to help us identify the ones that we see in our yard. I saw one today high up in the tree in the sunshine and it was singing so sweetly, but I didn’t know what it was. It is so wonderful to find such simple joy in these little creations of God.

    I am going to enjoy seeing all the lovely entries that Abigail puts in her nature journal. She loves to draw so much so I know she will have much pleasure in this!

    Have a blessed day,


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