Sweet sweet sunshine

What a blessing the sun was today! The day started with the same familiar gray skies overhead, and it really was hard to believe that it was going to be sunny! This morning I even had to turn on the heat because it was just too cold in the house! I don’t think I can remember another June when I have needed to have the heat on!

I dropped Bill off at the church after lunch and as I went to do my grocery shopping, the skies cleared up to a lovely blue and the sun came out and brightened our day! It was so wonderful being out in the sunshine! While I was doing my shopping, I picked up these cosmos to plant near my wheel!

Driving home, I noticed yard work being accomplished and then later I heard the most wonderful sound…a lawnmower nearby…I don’t think it’s ever sounded so glorious and welcome!

Bill added the cosmos to go along with the marigolds we planted earlier!

We are so thankful for the gift of sunshine!


12 thoughts on “Sweet sweet sunshine

  1. Good Morning Sharon ~

    I am so happy that you enjoyed some sun and that you
    may be able to get out into your yard and putter around.

    We have had so much rain lately and it seems that we
    have storm warnings every time we turn around. We do
    live in the midwest. We just try to get things done in

    I have never had cosmos ~ think I would like to try and
    plant some. They are so pretty. It is nice to try a few new
    plants each year.

    I hope that you can enjoy more sun today and that you
    have a blessed day.

    Hugs ~

  2. Amen! The sunshine is such a tonic! It is very cold here in North-East Scotland today…I have my woodburner on! But the sun is bravely beginning to shine! Hooray!

    Have a blessed day Sharon,
    Love, Tina xx

  3. We too had a sunny afternoon. Funny how that little bit of sunshine can lift your mood. I watered some flowers by hand and did some errands and splurged on a iced coffee drink….delicious.
    We are supposed to be having more sunshine this weekend which will be wonderful !!!!
    I have to grocery shop today and run more errands I am thankful for the ability to drive and will enjoy seeing flowers blooming everywhere.

  4. Dear Sharon,

    I am so happy the Lord has blessed you with sunny skies. It is something that you have been having to use your heat in June! I am not surprised that you were so delighted to hear a lawnmower! Bless your heart!

    The cosmos are so pretty and look wonderful! In your previous post I answered you question about Rapadura and Sucanat. Just wanted you to know so you could read it dear friend.

    By the way have you and your dear daughters ever heard of The Girlhood Home Companion? Jill Novak and her family publish the gorgeous, old-fashioned, very Christ-honoring magazine for girls, mothers, and grandmothers. I cannot recommend this publication enough! You can find the link on my blog, under “Beautiful Publications.” I just received my current copy yesterday. Though I do not have a daughter I learn so much from the Godly articles and beautiful photographs. I am saving all my issues to share with my future daughter-in-law and grand daughters. You can also buy a large paperback with all the back issues before they made it into a magazine. I have that as well and love it and have been so blessed by it. I am thankful, though that they publish a pretty magazine now. They also have wonderful resources for family writing and nature journaling. I can hardly wait to purchase more of her resources. They are a Christian homeschool family, like us and very like-minded. You and your girls will be blessed! I plan on doing a post about it on my blog soon!

    Have a sweet homemaking day!

  5. I well understand how you feel to have the glorious sun shining after receiving so much rain :o)

    It has been *very* windy where I live these past 2 days but the sun is shining, plants are growing and I’m not complaining because I am very happy that it’s not yet *humind* :o)

    By the way, that cosmos plant looks very delicate and is a lovely addition to your *wheel garden*.

    Have a delightful weekend!

  6. Dear Teri,

    I hope you have enjoyed a lovely day today and that your weather is allowing you to be outside some. It was not sunny here today but not too cold either so that was nice! I spent much of my day helping my husband with some errands that he needed to do! We have an appreciation brunch at church tomorrow morning and a wedding in the afternoon so I think we are set for a busy day!
    Have a blessed weekend!


  7. Dear Tina,

    Yes, a little bit of sunshine does one’s heart good!! It is always so encouraging and such a blessing when the sun comes out ~ especially after long stretches of gray days! I hope the sun came out for you to enjoy!

    Blessings to you,


  8. Dear Deby,

    Wasn’t the sun yesterday so nice! It sounds like you had an enjoyable afternoon! I do hope the sun comes back for the weekend! And yes, the flowers everywhere are so lovely!

    I hope your weekend is filled with blessings,


  9. Dear Terri,

    I’m glad to see that you’re back home now! I do hope you had a good time ~ but doesn’t it always feel so good to be home too? The sun after the rain and gray days does feel so good! Hope you have enjoyed a good day!

    Have a blessed weekend,


  10. Dear Paula,

    It was oh so nice to see some blue skies and sunshine. I have always lived in this area which has a fair share of rain and gray days but this has seemed like winter wants to keep staying on!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question about the Sucanat and Rapadura ~ I have used Sucanat but I had not tried the Rapadura. I just purchased some when I was grocery shopping yesterday so I will look forward to trying it!
    I don’t think I’ve heard of The Girlhood Home Companion but it sounds wonderful and I will look forward to looking at the link on your blog ~ thank you so much for sharing this with me!! And I look forward to your post about it!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  11. Dear Dallas,

    It did feel so wonderful after a cold morning and many gray days before that to have a little sun!! Today was gray again but while I was outside I noticed that the birds were still singing their praises even without the sun and it reminded me that I could rejoice too! So it was good! We really don’t have humid days here so I really should be thankful. Thank you for your compliments on my wheel garden!

    Hope your weekend is very special!!


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