A bit of tidying up

I love to post pictures…flowers, scenery, peaceful and lovely things ~ however, sometimes things like this are a reality!

This is what I have waiting for me to file and organize now since I have let them pile up instead of taking care of them right away!

As Emilie Barnes points out in one of my favorite books ~ The Spirit of Loveliness

“Clutter wearies the spirit and fights against serenity.”

I find this to be so true for me here at home! So it seems like my home is in need of a little clutter control and tidying up! What a nice feeling it will be to get things put in order!!

Wishing you a lovely summer day! ♥


16 thoughts on “A bit of tidying up

  1. Dear Sharon,

    *Clutter control* is something I am going to have to do this week as I have let things pile up, literally.

    Because my desk only has room for my computer and monitor, I use my side of the table to write letters, browse through the grocery store flyers, read the mail, etc. and sometimes by the end of a day or two, I’ve *created* a little pile of bits of odds and ends that I want to keep.

    Nothing wrong with that ~ my problem is that I don’t *file* them away right away, thereby preventing *clutter* :o(

    Have a great day tomorrow :o)

  2. Good Evening Sharon ~

    Just wanted you to know that I also have Emilie Barnes
    book “The Spirit of Loveliness.” I have read it many times.
    I just find that book so special every time that I read it.

    I just checked my bookcase and found 15 of her books.
    I have had most of them for many years and have enjoyed
    each and everyone.

    Is that a pattern that I see for bedding. That looks nice.
    Also, I like your little ~ it looks like maybe a candle holder.
    It is so cute! I guess I like your bit of clutter.

    I wish that we lived closer and we could share each others
    selection of books.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening!

    Hugs ~

  3. Dear Dallas,

    I must do much the same as you ~ I collect bits of things that I need or want to keep and create piles of things here and there! It would be so much easier to just file things right away and in a place where I can find them. Often because I leave things in different spots, I can’t find them when I need them ~ not a good system! 😦

    I think it is probably better to prevent clutter in the first place ~ gives much more peace and order that way!

    Hope your decluttering goes well this week ~ I got most of my pile filed away properly today!!



  4. Dear Teri,

    “The Spirit of Loveliness” is one of my favorite books! I only have 3 other books by Emilie Barnes :
    “Welcome Home”
    “If Teacups Could Talk”
    “An Invitation to Tea”

    Do you have any favorites amongst the ones you have?

    That is a pattern that you noticed in the picture ~ I would like to make some pillow shams for our bed, but I’m not sure what material to use for them. The item in the picture that looks like a candle holder is actually a flower pot! Unfortunately it is evidence of my lack of a green thumb especially when it comes to indoor plants!!

    Wouldn’t that be wonderful to live close enough to be able to share good books and a cup of tea as well! I would love to see all the books you have by Emilie Barnes ~ that is quite a collection you have!
    I have been enjoying the book I bought at the library by Elizabeth George on The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 Woman! It’s very encouraging!

    Hugs and blessings to you,


  5. Thank you for the “kick” I needed to sort my clutter pile! Paper clutter seems to be a big problem in our so-called paperless society!

    I enjoy reading Elizabeth George’s books too. I have quite a few. I must search for Emilie Barnes online – I haven’t seen any over here.

    Have a good day!

  6. My house guests leave today and I’m going on a decluttering campaign. That is a great quote and so true. It is very hard to feel peaceful amidst clutter!


  7. Ugh, clutter…I need to tackle this more! I’m going to look for the book you mentioned too, it sounds lovely!

    Love, Tina xx

  8. Clutter is my middle name–one I inherited from my Grandma!! It is a constant battle for me. Thanks for the reminder and I may even get that book to help me along…


  9. Dear Sharon,

    I love the quote you shared. It is so true, I have a difficult time concentrating or accomplishing tasks if there is clutter somewhere, especially on the kitchen counter top! It is a wonderful feeling to have things in order! It makes for a more peaceful atmosphere and you can find what you need when it is put in its proper place. I do think when I am working on an embroidery project that it helps to keep it in its own basket, that way it is ready to be picked up when time allows, and is in one place. I need to tidy my sewing room because I tend to work on more than one project at a time. Do you do that as well?

    You are so encouraging and I am always blessed when I visit you! Thank you for visiting me and for all your kind comments. Oh, I would love to have you over for tea! Indeed we would have fun!

    The Proverbs 31 book by Elizabeth George sounds wonderful. I will have to look for that! I hope you have had a wonderful day at your Shepherd’s House!

    May the Lord bless you my sweet friend!

  10. Dear Phoebe,

    I agree ~ paper clutter does seem to be a problem in our so-called paperless society! Oftentimes it is piles of papers that I am dealing with! I do have other areas needing some attention too ~ so I will have to work on those as well. When I declutter I always feel so much better!

    I hope you have a blessed day,


  11. Dear Terri,

    I’m with you on the decluttering campaign! I did get most of my papers put away ~ but I have lots of other places like drawers and cupboards that I can work on too! I won’t even talk about the garage! 😦



  12. Dear Tina,

    I feel the same way Tina ~ I don’t know why I let clutter take over in the first place! I always feel so much better when things are organized and in the proper place!

    I hope your day is blessed!

    Hugs ~


  13. Dear Kris,

    It seems like we can all relate to clutter! I am working on this area but sometimes I just don’t keep up on it as well as I would like ~ especially when it comes to papers needing to be filed away!

    Blessings to you today,


  14. Dear Paula,

    I agree ~ I think it is hard for me to concentrate and be as productive if there is too much clutter. I do feel so much better if things are in order and I can find things easily. I love the peaceful feeling this brings.

    That is a really good idea to have a basket for an embroidery project. I will have to do that for my cross stitch ~ thank you! That way it can be in view to work on when time allows rather than having it put away out of sight which is what I usually do!
    I do have a number of projects started right now waiting to be completed.

    It would be so lovely to be able to have a cup of tea together! I always enjoy my visits with you so much!

    Have a sweet day there at Rose Cottage! It has been raining here last night and today with thunder and lightening! It will be a good afternoon to accomplish some things at home!

    Blessings Paula,


  15. I so agree with Emilie on that quote…I have been doing de-cluttering today as well…we are having many thunderstorms , I am enjoying them…..

  16. Dear Deby,

    Yes, I think today is the perfect day to be inside doing some de-cluttering and organizing!

    Our church had a barbeque in the park last night and there was quite a bit of thunder and lightening and then the rains came!

    I hope you have a lovely day!

    Blessings to you,


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