Saturday farmer’s market

We had some time out today and went to the local Saturday farmer’s market. It is always so much fun to browse past all of the wonderful booths. The flowers were so pretty and the prices seemed quite reasonable for such lovely bouquets!

There were also booths with organic fruits and vegetables. We didn’t purchase any flowers or produce today ~ but everything at the market looked so pretty and tasty!!

We do have quite a bounty of organic lettuce growing in our garden here at home which I am so excited about! Some things in our garden are a disappointment this year but we are very happy to have this wonderful supply of lettuce!

It is such a blessing to grow even a small portion of our family’s food! There is such satisfaction in going out to the garden and picking some fresh produce! How are your gardens doing this summer?

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday with your loved ones!


12 thoughts on “Saturday farmer’s market

  1. Your lettuce looks wonderful. We have had so much rain the past few months that my garden is not doing too well. I mean things are growing but they just don’t look good. The pepper leaves are yellow, the tomato plants look spindly and I only had two cucumber plants come up out of about 20 seeds planted.

    On the flip side, my weeds are doing quite well. LOL! Have a wonderful day.


  2. Good Morning Sharon ~

    We too have a farmer’s market that is nearby. Our little
    garden is slow at growing this year. We have a green
    pepper that is about ready to pick ~ but the plant and the
    pepper are about the same size.~ The pepper looks just
    perfect and the plant looks real good ~ just very tiny ~
    maybe the plant will grow a little more. Our tomato plants
    have alot of tomatoes on them ~ but again the plants are
    so small. They look healthy ~ but tiny.~

    The herbs have done very well this year.

    We had so much rain early in the spring and it was wet
    and cool when we first planted our vegetables. “I” get
    in a hurry to get the plants in the garden and probably
    should have waited until a little later. ~ I think I recall my
    husband suggesting we wait a little while longer, but we
    didn’t. He is a sweetheart ~ didn’t even say “I told you!”

    Your lettuce looks really nice!

    How are your herb plants doing that you planted in the

    Hugs ~

  3. Your lettuce looks delicious! I’ve grown some things from seed for the first time this year. Unfortunately I forgot to water my lettuce seedlings and they dried up! I have been successful with some flowers and basil, parsley and tomatoes. I might try the lettuce again. It does feel good to cook with produce I’ve grown myself. I’m going to get more organised next year and try to grow a lot more.

    Enjoy your lettuce!

  4. Dear Terri,

    I hope you have had an enjoyable day today! I can relate on the gardening! I’m really not sure why the lettuce is so bountiful this year ~ we’ve never had it grow this well! Our one carrot is doing well but I’m not sure what happened to the rest of the seeds we planted! Our beans were mostly eaten by the slugs so Bill planted some sunflowers in that area and they are coming up now. Our spinach seems to be doing okay and the peas were doing pretty good but now a number of the plants are turning brown. 😦 We don’t have too many weeds growing in the vegetable garden but other areas are another story ~ the weeds seem to flourish under any conditions!



  5. Dear Teri,

    It sounds like your garden is coming along nicely even if the plants are small. We had a pepper plant one year that was growing so well and the pepper looked really good but my husband wanted to leave it to get just a little bit bigger. Then when he went out ~ it was totally gone! Something must have bit it right off the plant! It was very disappointing!

    I think the rain and coolness in some places has affected gardening efforts. I know our first roses weren’t very good but they are much better now that it isn’t as wet. We have flowers on our tomato plants but I haven’t noticed any tomatoes yet. Homegrown tomatoes are so delicious!

    My cilantro plant and my edible viola aren’t looking the best at present, but the rest of my herbs seem to be doing good. I have especially enjoyed using the fresh rosemary in cooking! The fresh herbs give such a delightful flavor!

    I hope you have enjoyed a lovely Sunday!



  6. Dear Phoebe,

    Isn’t it fun to grow things from seeds? I hope you are able to try the lettuce again ~ it is a good one to plant as it doesn’t take too long!

    It is such a blessing to be able to grow things at home! I love going out and picking the lettuce to use. Hopefully we will have some tomatoes soon too ~ they are so good!!

    I’m glad you have been able to have some gardening joy with your flowers, basil, parsley and tomatoes! That’s wonderful!

    I hope your Sunday has been blessed!


  7. Dear Sharon,

    The farmer’s market looks like such fun. We have a small one here but it is a bit of a commute so we are not able to go.

    Your organic lettuce looks so delicious and healthy!!!! Oh, I am so excited for you, as I know the joy it is to harvest food from your very own garden to feed your dear family! Let me encourage you dear friend, we have had disappointments in our garden too. This is the second year we have lived here in the country and the second year to have our vegetable garden and we still have so much to learn and the soil needs a lot more organic compost! I get very discouraged at times that our garden does not produce as I envisioned it would! My dear and wise husband reminds me that it is still a new garden and we are continually working on it and improving it. He reminds me that many of the organic gardens I see in magazines and books are quite established and they have been gardening in their plots for some time. Also, I am realizing that some things just may not grow well here in our climate, and maybe they just need to be in a different spot, or I planted something too late. Gardening is a joy, but it is work too. We desire to grow as much of our own organic produce as we can, and I know the Lord will bless both our efforts! I do think that it does take time and this is yet another area I need to learn contentment and patience! I love how the Lord will use His creation to teach us things, it reminds me of Jesus’ wonderful parables!

    May the Lord bless you and your garden sweet friend!
    Enjoy that beautiful organic lettuce that you grew yourself!!!

  8. We too have a farmers market…maybe I can scoot over there next Saturday and of course take pictures..gotta do that when you blog, right.
    Your lettuce looks wonderful. Next year I would like to try my hand at planting a few things….I love FRESH Basil, don’t know how it would do here, though.

  9. We have a farmer’s market once a month but it’s about 15 miles away…(everything is miles away….we live in the middle of nowhere!)

    My dear hubby is an avid gardener, and keeps us well fed with lots of veg! What a blessing it is to grow things. A few pots/containers are all that’s needed for some lovely salads, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. Lovely!

    Love, Tina 🙂

  10. Dear Paula,

    Yes, it is such a joy to go out and harvest food from our own little garden! And to know that there are no harmful pesticides on it!! Yesterday I went and picked some lettuce to send home with our oldest daughter and son-in-law. That is another wonderful benefit ~ that of being able to share the bounty that the Lord has blessed us with!

    Thank you for your encouragement about gardens taking time. We still have so many things to learn with regards to gardening! It is easy to become discouraged when things don’t do as well as we hope. We will keep working and hopefully improve it more each year as we learn more and more! We indeed are learning lessons in patience and contentment!

    I think all of your gardens are beautiful and I so enjoy seeing all the wonderful things you are doing ~ it inspires me to keep pressing on!!

    Thank you for the blessing that you are!


  11. Dear Deby,

    I hope you can enjoy your farmer’s market too! And yes, bloggers do need to take their cameras along! I am having such an enjoyable time taking pictures!

    I have never grown or purchased fresh basil but I have noticed some lovely basil plants when I’ve been at Trader Joes. I would love to try cooking with it!

    Blessings to you,


  12. Dear Tina,

    How wonderful that your husband is a gardener! You are blessed! It is so much fun to plant seeds or small plants and then to watch them grow and flourish! And then to be able to go out and harvest them from your own property ~ what a blessing that is!

    Enjoy all of those lovely vegetables that your husband is providing for you!

    Blessings Tina,


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