A day of blessings

Abigail and I went to a baby shower on the lake today. It was such a beautiful day which was a blessing to all who attended! Everyone enjoyed the lovely views!

And Abigail had an enjoyable time swimming in the sunshine!

One of the ladies made this cute handmade diaper cake as one of her gifts! It was so pretty with the fresh flowers on top! I think handmade gifts are always so special! Another lady made a little hat and booties that were so very sweet as well!

I’m sure all the wonderful gifts will be such a blessing to this family!

I hope you have all enjoyed a beautiful and simple day!


10 thoughts on “A day of blessings

  1. Sharon, it sounds like a lovely day. That diaper cake looks so cute. Emily (9) was standing over my shoulder and her nose kind of got all wrinkled up and she asked, “They don’t eat that, do they?” and then her next question, “Those are clean diapers, right?” LOL!!


  2. I am having a simple day, doing laundry, housework, reading my Bible, took a nap with my little, sweet dog, Chloe by me…and now we are heading out to family in Kitsap County.

  3. Dear Sharon,
    I am so glad you and Abigail had such a lovely day! The lake is so beautiful! I agree, handmade gifts are wonderful.

    I know you will enjoy the pantry book. Thank you for always encouraging me and having a kind word for me!

    May the Lord bless you!

  4. Sharon,

    It sounds like you and Abigail had a wonderful time!

    That diaper cake is very special … a friend and her daughter helped me make a huge one to ship across the country when my 1st grandchild was born :o)

    May tomorrow be a lovely day, with lots of *simple blessings* to appreciate!

  5. Dear Deby,

    It sounds like a wonderful simple day for you! I hope your time spent with family was blessed!

    We have been enjoying so many beautiful days!!

    Blessings to you,


  6. Dear Paula,

    Thank you for your visit ~ it is always a blessing!

    I am so looking forward to reading the book and it is ready now to be picked up at the library!! I am so excited! I was thinking about my pantry yesterday and what I could do with it! It is so much fun to rearrange and pretty things up!

    I hope your day is blessed at your Rose Cottage!

    The Lord bless you,


  7. Dear Dallas,

    It was a fun day out for the two of us and the weather was so lovely!

    The cake was so pretty and probably took a while to put together! How nice that you had your friend and her daughter to help you make one for your 1st grandchild! How fun that must have been for them to receive by mail! What a blessing!!

    I hope you are enjoying all the simple blessings that you are surrounded with today!

    Blessings to you,


  8. Dear Mai,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment! It is always such a blessing to hear from those who have visited!

    I have so enjoying taking more time to enjoy all the simple blessings I am surrounded with! I haven’t always done this and I am still learning!

    May the Lord richly bless you today! Stop by again anytime!


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