Sometimes it’s the little things

We had company over last night and they brought me this pretty bouquet of lavender from their garden! Isn’t it so lovely and sweet? It makes me smile to myself when I walk by it! I just love the simple beauty of it!

Makes me wonder how often I fail to do the little things that could brighten up someone’s day ~

I don’t want to wait to do things until I feel I have something grand to offer ~ those opportunities may never come! But the little things ~ they abound all around us! May I have eyes to see the blessing that I could be!

I hope you have a lovely day filled with joy and blessings!


20 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s the little things

  1. What a great reminder, Sharon! I try to remember to give a jar of homemade jam or some small gift like that when I go to someone’s house. Unfortunately, I don’t always remember and I’m trying to be better.

  2. Dear Sharon

    This is a most lovely gift. How thoughtful of your friends and what an inspiration it has been to me today. It is true, sometimes we falter in doing good because we feel the need to do something grand. But your friend’s gift though simple speaks most eloquently of thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you for sharing this. Your blog is an inspiration as always. Have a lovely day dear neighbor!


  3. Dear Terri,

    It’s a good reminder for me too! It was such a simple blessing!

    I think your idea for homemade jam is a great idea for a hostess gift! I didn’t think to ask for ideas for small gifts to bring when visiting ~ I think that would have been quite helpful! Thank you for sharing what you do!

    Blessings to you,


  4. Dear Kalianne,

    What a sweet neighbor you are!! ♥ I hope you have enjoyed a lovely day! This small gift was such a blessing to me and I have enjoyed it each time I passed by it today!

    Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement and your uplifting visit today!!

    Blessings to you!


  5. Love the sheep as well as the lavender! You’re so right about the little things that can bring joy to ourselves and to others. I think you’ve chalenged me … again! x

  6. Sharon,

    It is so true that we often wait to be able to do something really *big*, when all along, there are so many *little things* that would be such blessings to both the receiver and to us, the giver :o)

    Thanks for reminding me!

    The little cloth underneath the vase is unique and quite lovely ~ was that a gift or did you make it?

    I made some strawberry jam the other day and believe it or not, still had some old baby food jars hanging around, so I remembered to do up several of those *just in case* :o)

    Like you, I know just *how much it means* to be remembered by someone in some tiny way …. the gesture may be simple, but the blessings from it are far-reaching and long-lasting!

    Have a blessed Lord’s Day . . .

  7. Dear Sharon,
    That is such a lovely gift and I really appreciated the sweet thoughts you shared about doing little things to bless someone’s day! You are a blessing! Thank you for the encouragement.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend filled with joy and blessings and a restful Lord’s day!

  8. What a lovely gift! Also, what a lovely reminder about how important it is for us to be part of God’s blessings to others. God can handle the biggest blessings – how wonderful that we can take part in contributing some of HIS “small” blessings!!! Like the saying goes…little things mean a LOT!!! 🙂

  9. Good Evening Sharon ~

    That was such a sweet gift. It is such a nice idea to share
    a simple gift with someone.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Blessings ~

  10. Dear Dallas,

    Yes, I think that’s the thing ~ all these little deeds of kindness and blessings within our grasp can be such a blessing to both the giver and the receiver!

    You asked about the cloth on my table ~ I purchased it on a day trip to one of my favorite towns last year. I think it is actually a placemat, but I thought it would work as a cloth for my small coffee table. Thank you for your compliment!

    Your thinking ahead on the jars of jam to have “just in case” is a wonderful idea. Just today I purchased a vase for 25 cents at a garage sale down the street just to have to give away with flowers from the garden. It helps so much to be prepared ahead of time for these things.

    I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend and may your Sunday be blessed!


  11. Dear Paula,

    This sweet gift of lavender was a blessing to me and such an encouragement to me to do likewise. I need to be alert to opportunities the Lord gives me!

    Thank you for your sweet visit!

    May the Lord bless you and your family! I hope you enjoy a lovely Sunday there at Rose Cottage!



  12. Dear Sharon,

    Thank you for your sweet visit here! I so agree with what you have said! I want the Lord to use me in these little things! I know that I was so blessed by this simple gift!

    I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!


  13. Dear Teri,

    I know that I needed to be reminded to do the little things! It really doesn’t take much to be a blessing to someone ~ it is good for me to have some fresh encouragement in this area!

    I hope you have been able to enjoy some time out on your front porch enjoying the weekend ~ Have a blessed Sunday!


  14. Dear Cathy,

    I am so glad that you have been able to visit! Yes, it is a reminder to us all ~ I know that the Lord has used this simple gift to stir my heart afresh!

    Stop in and visit again anytime!



  15. What a sweet blessing and you are RIGHT, we need to look for opportunities to bless others, and not always make it such a big deal..or expensive. We all love to be thought of and so often we miss the chance, I know I do.

  16. Dear Deby ~

    I think that is what I need to remember ~ that I don’t always need to turn things into a big deal or be expensive to be a blessing! Just a simple remembrance can mean so much! I don’t want to miss those opportunities!

    I hope you are having a lovely day Deby!



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