Garage sale treasures

My husband and I were going on our walk yesterday morning when I noticed the sign for a garage sale around our block ~ so we took a different walk instead of our normal one!

I was so excited to find this pretty embroidered piece for 50¢! I am thinking this cloth might be lovely to add in my pantry along with some treasures to bring a smile when you open up the door!

I just love doilies and I think these small ones will add a pretty touch! I bought all 6 of these for 75¢!

For 25¢, I bought this vase to use to give away with flowers from my garden! It gives me the incentive I need to work on my previous post! There will be less chance for excuses if I am prepared!

I am so happy when I can add some special touches to my home so inexpensively!!

I hope you all enjoy a blessed and restful Sunday!


16 thoughts on “Garage sale treasures

  1. I love the embroidered towel. You really found some good buys! I never would of thought of purchasing vases at garage sales to give flowers away. What a great tip, Sharon! Have a blessed Sunday.


  2. Dear Terri,

    I don’t go to garage sales very often but they have been having one at this house every year for at least the last few years and it seems they usually have some good buys! I was especially happy with the towel! I have seen vases at the thrift stores before but they are usually at least 99 cents ~ so I thought 25 cents was pretty good to use for this purpose! The lavender I was given is just in a bottle and I really think that looks pretty too ~ it just has a simple look that I like and is even more frugal!!

    Blessings and hugs to you!!


  3. Good Morning Sharon ~

    You found such nice treasures on your morning walk! I
    think the embroidered piece is so pretty. It will add a
    special touch wherever you choose to use it. I think the
    little doilies are so cute to and useful. I have a couple
    of the very small Longaberger baskets in our bathroom
    and I have lined the little baskets with similar doilies and
    then put small containers of shampoo, conditioner, soaps
    and lotions in them. I like the small vase. Such a nice idea
    that you have to use flowers from your own garden and
    share it with someone.

    Today is to be the hottest day this summer for us. ~ above
    95 degrees ~ We will need to be out early this morning
    and later this evening to really enjoy this summer day.

    Enjoy a blessed Sunday with your family!

    Hugs ~

  4. Dear Teri ~

    Good morning to you too!

    I love doilies ~ and it is nice to have them in different sizes to use around home! Your small containers of things in your bathroom must look especially sweet in the Longaberger baskets! Thank you so much for sharing! Isn’t it so fun to learn the ways that others are making their house a home?

    95 degrees is very warm! We don’t usually have too many days in the summer here when it gets that warm! I hope you can stay cool and enjoy those morning and evening hours outside ~ do you have air conditioning inside your home?

    It is a busy day for us ~ after church we have to help set up for Vacation Bible School which starts tomorrow and goes through Friday. When I get home I need to get the craft supplies ready for tomorrow ~ my husband and I are working in the craft room each day!

    I hope you have a restful and blessed day!


  5. Good Afternoon Sharon ~

    You asked if we have air conditioning. Yes and it is working
    overtime today. We have a window unit ~ with our home
    being small ~ it cools it real well. I miss having the windows
    open when it is so hot but sure enjoy the cool inside. We
    are in for some very hot weather for the next few days.

    Sharon ~ do you use air conditioning in your home? We
    have family in Colorado and Utah and I know that they use
    ~ swamp coolers ~ ( I think that is what they call them).
    Do you have much humidity where you live?

    I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday and I so look
    forward to hearing from you soon!

    Hugs ~

  6. Dear Sharon

    I’ve been smiling ever since ‘I came in’ and I’m still smiling! These are lovely finds. This week I’ve been searching for a lace doily to cover a cake stand but haven’t been able to find one. You have given me a new idea – maybe I should try garage sales. Looks like I’d save a lot of money too!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  7. What beautiful treasures you’ve found :o) They are all so pretty and will add lovely touches to wherever they’re used.

    I rarely go to many yard/garage sales but they sounds like great places to buy fabulous bargains!

  8. Dear Phoebe,

    I don’t really go to many garage sales and I’m trying to reduce my clutter here at home, but I was happy to find a few things that I can use so inexpensively!

    I hope you enjoyed a blessed Sunday,


  9. Dear Teri~

    No ~ we don’t have air conditioning here at home. I don’t know if too many people have it in this area. Days in the 90’s are not too common here! I don’t think we really have much humidity here ~ we may have an occasional muggy day but those are rare so I don’t know if I have ever really experienced humid weather!

    I’m glad you have the air conditioning to keep you cool this week!

    I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to post this week with VBS going on ~ but do stop in to visit anytime and say “hi”! I always look forward to hearing you!



  10. Dear Kalianne,

    I hope you can find just the lace doily that you are looking for ~ and at a good price too! I don’t go to many garage sales but the one at this house seems to be a yearly event and they have some good buys! I was especially so excited to find the embroidered towel! I have done cross stitch but I would like to try doing some pretty embroidery on a towel.

    Have a lovely week ahead!

    Hugs and blessings Kalianne,


  11. Dear Dallas ~

    I don’t go garage sale shopping too often myself ~ this particular one was just around our block and they have been having a sale each summer for at least the last few years. I had purchased some doilies and another embroidered piece there a couple of years ago and their prices on them was quite reasonable! Since it is my goal to live a more simple life and reduce my clutter it really is best for me to avoid this kind of shopping on a regular basis! I was happy with my few little treasures!

    Thank you so much for visiting today ~ it is a blessing to hear from you!

    May the Lord bless your week!


  12. I am a garage sale/Thrift shop girl…but I would say discriminating…
    Your treasures are sure great value and will be a asset to your home…and what a great idea on the vase.

  13. Dear Deby,

    I have enjoyed being a thrift store shopper the last few years ~ but trying to live a more simple life makes me try to be discriminating like you are! You can find some wonderful things for such good prices!



  14. Oh your finds are so pretty! I especially like the doilies.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂



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